Meet Our Speakers 

Eric Keiles

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  • Entrepreneurial topics like: How To Create A Remarkable Business
  • Marketing and growth topics like: The 30-Minute Marketing Plan
  • Business strategy sessions like: The Secret To Hitting Your Numbers Every Month

Mike Lieberman

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  • Marketing topics like: Smash The Funnel – Rethinking Marketing By Better Understanding The Cyclonic Buyer Journey
  • Sales topics like: Think Like Disney To Shorten Your Sales Cycle And Increase Close Rates
  • Business strategy sessions like: The New Science Behind Revenue Generation

Gabe Wahhab

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  • Marketing topics like: 10 Secrets To Creating Websites That Generate Leads And Sales Opportunities That Close Fast
  • Technology topics like: How AI Is Changing Marketing's Relationship With Data And Dashboards
  • Analytical sessions like: Google Analytics Mastery – Turning Data Into Action In 15 Minutes Or Less

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This workshop changed the way I think about my business.

Barrett Ersek
Entrepreneurs’ Organization

All of our members appreciate any information that will help them get ahead and we heard many positive comments after your discussion. We’d love to have you back at the CEO Club in the future, but next time we’ll have to book a larger room; we were really packed!

Douglas A. Strouse
President, The CEO Club of Baltimore
Eric’s talk changed the way I think about my business. It was one of the best EO event sessions I’ve ever attended.
Barrett Ersesk
CEO, Holganix

Mike’s session was one of the most widely attended and highest rated sessions. He educated everyone on the new buyer journey and made it directly related to our industry; it was a fantastic session.

Baily Bliss
Senior Care Marketing and Sales Summit

Gabe’s session at Inbound was so successful we ran an encore presentation and then ran a webinar version post-conference for people who couldn’t make it.

Doug Stone
Inbound Event Director

All of our members appreciated the information you shared with our group and we heard so many positive comments after your session. We’d love to have you back in the future, but we’ll need to book a bigger room next time.

Douglas A. Strouse
CEO, Club Baltimore

Mike is one of the most dynamic speakers I’ve had the pleasure of booking and listening too; he educates and entertains every time.

Mark Sinkow
Vistage Chair