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Does Your MarTech Stack Up?

How To Make Sure Your Technology Works For You

Today’s marketers don’t just love technology, they worship it. For many, MarTech has become nothing short of a savior – an omnipotent, omnipresent miracle worker that allows individuals to do the work of an entire team.

But the very thing that’s so seductive about technology – the bells and whistles, the promise of power – is also what makes it problematic.

MarTech is sometimes added without proper consideration for how it will be used, and by whom, to achieve business goals. We adopt tools because they’re hot or because someone in our feed suggested it.

Too often, marketers are more interested in building a stack that’s a great topic of conversation but doesn’t necessarily work for them.



Killer Tips To Optimize Your Website For Search Engines And For Humans Beings

If You Want A Website That Generates Leads, Stop Thinking About Your Site Like It’s A Brochure

Would you ever open a store and not have employees in it to help customers? Would you open a store and not put any signs up on the outside?

Would you ever open a store and not tell anyone about your new store? Would you ever open a store and not plan to do at least some marketing to promote the store’s existence?

Of course not, right?

But would you ever open a store and not allow visitors to sample your products? Would you ever open a store and not keep track of the number of guests and the conversion rate of guests to actual purchases? Would you ever open a store and not keep track of what parts of the store people are spending most of their time in or how they move through the store?



10 Wildly Effective Lead-Scoring Tips To Install In Marketo

Lead Scoring Is Critical For Prioritizing Leads For Sales And Measuring The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing

We see lead scoring as an important part of every revenue generation program. While creating the model and building the scoring algorithm into your marketing automation tool is considered intermediate to advanced marketing, we think it’s a requirement.

Furthermore, it provides a nice connection between sales and marketing, aligning both teams around what makes a good lead. It also offers sales insight into which leads need immediate attention, which leads offer the best opportunity and the overall quality of the leads marketing is generating for sales.

If you’re looking for data on the benefits of lead scoring, consider this: A MarketingSherpa study showed those using lead scoring had a 77% boost in lead generation ROI over those not using scoring. In addition, a recent Kentico study found 38% of businesses surveyed experienced higher lead-to-opportunity conversion rates thanks to lead scoring.



Differentiation Strategy: 5 Shocking Ways To Kill The Competition By Being Remarkable

If Your Business Isn’t Remarkable, It’s Invisible

As part of your marketing and business strategy, differentiation is important. Almost everyone knows this, but very few CEOs are ready to make their businesses remarkable. That means it’s very likely that your business is not differentiated at all.

Google differentiation and you’ll be shocked to find little information on what it means to be differentiated, what differentiation is and how to be differentiated in business. I was surprised at how little information there is on this critical element of your business.

If you poke around long enough, you can uncover this definition from WikipediaIn economics and marketing, product differentiation (or simply differentiation) is the process of distinguishing a product or service from others, to make it more attractive to a target market.

However, this is only marginally helpful.



Content Analytics: 9 Content Metrics That Matter To Your Bottom Line

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Content?

Years ago, if your business was the only one producing informative industry content, you were already ahead of your competitors and bound to shoot up the ranks on Google.

Today, most businesses have caught on to the content marketing game and understand its marketing value. However, while many businesses realize the importance of creating content, they may not know exactly why it’s so important.



Why Competitive Audits Are Like ‘The Cool Cat Boogie’

Learn How To Develop Your Own Unique Messaging

Hey, Gus, how do you dance? How do you groove? Can you teach me how to move?
Sure, Pete! It’s a simple song. Just do the robot and dance along.
  - From Pete The Cat And The Cool Cat Boogie

Be different. Be unique. Stand out.

We’re constantly pushing clients to find the things that separate them from the competition, then shout about it from the rooftops for the whole world to hear.

It’s no surprise then that when we suggest a competitive audit, those same clients are often confused, if not downright incredulous. “If the point is to stand out,” they ask, “why do you want me to copy my competitors? Isn’t that a waste of time and money.”

We don’t. And it’s not.



My Marketing And My Sales Are Not Working, And I Don’t Know Why

It’s Back To The Future For Marketers, Sales Leaders And CEOs

Back in 2003, we heard “my marketing isn’t working and I don’t know why” time and time again from CEOs. In fact, it was the main messaging for Square 2. People were confused and we helped them figure it out.

We solved it successfully for years. Then along came inbound marketing and we worked to explain this new methodology. We taught our clients about earning attention, being patient and executing a collection of inbound-only tactics. Inbound was the answer.

A few years ago, the ground shifted again, and as inbound became more commonplace, new concepts popped up like conversational marketing, account-based marketing (ABM), advocacy marketing and influencer marketing. Those concepts further confused an already confused set of people who simply wanted more leads, more sales opportunities and more new customer revenue.



Content Analytics: What To Measure To Turn Content Into Revenue

Marketers struggle to measure exactly how their efforts are contributing to the bottom line. It’s difficult to decide what metrics to focus on and what measurement tools to use; then tying that data directly to revenue can be daunting.



Recent Study Reveals Sales Enablement Is A Major Factor In Revenue Growth

If You Want To Hit Your Revenue Goals For 2019, Sales Enablement Must Be A Top Priority

The percentage of salespeople making quota has dropped from 63% to 53% over a five-year period, according to data from CSO Insights.

Whats driving this drop? Its primarily changes in the buyer journey, the massive amount of information available to buyers and the continued inability of companies to adjust their sales process accordingly.

The way prospects behave isn’t going to change anytime soon, and it’s likely that buyers will take an even more active and independent approach to how they buy products and services. But that doesn’t mean business leaders can’t have a major impact on how their sales teams perform and how effective their company is at hitting its revenue goals.

One proactive step you should be taking is making sales enablement and alignment of the sales and marketing functions a top priority in 2019.



4 Reasons Marketing Operations Is Essential To Your Growth Strategy

Achieve Your Goals With Repeatable Processes And The Right Technology

Marketing is made up of many, many facets, from strategy to creative to execution and everything in between. Your team members put their blood, sweat and tears into creating content strategies, writing brilliant ad copy and creating stellar brand videos.

However, none of this work matters if you’re unable to operationally manage all facets efficiently, track your efforts to results and make data-based decisions to improve.

That’s where marketing ops comes in.