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Website Traffic Down? 3 Inbound Marketing Fixes That Pay Off Big!

Need Traffic This Week? Here Are Inbound Marketing Tactics To Put People On Your Site Today

Inbound marketing is great, but what are you supposed to do if you need to increase website traffic and visitors to your website? No matter how many offers you add, if you’re only seeing 300 visitors a month even the best-converting sites would deliver a meager 10 leads. And if only 10% are sales-ready leads, that’s just one sales opportunity a month. Not the kind of mind-blowing results inbound promises.

The answer is to quickly drive new visitors to the site and maintain a high conversion rate. This might require an extra budget, but if the return is there you should be comfortable investing a little extra money to get a big return in a short amount of time.



How To Get Your Content On And Other Magazine Websites

One of the secrets to inbound marketing is publishing. That’s right. Taking your content and publishing it on other websites frequented by your prospects.