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The Science Of Websites: Part Of An Inbound Marketing Program

It Takes Science To Create A Website That Gets Found And Converts Visitors Into Leads

As a continuation of The Science Of Inbound Marketing Series, today we focus on your website and your website metrics. This is the cornerstone of your inbound marketing program and one of the consistently weak areas for most of the clients that start working with us.

Before we start applying science to help you get found more frequently, drive visitors to the site and then turn those visitors into leads, let’s quickly look at some of the most common ways your current website might be hurting your lead generation efforts.

One of the first issues we see is the site is all about you, instead of being all about your prospects. It shouldn’t be an electronic brochure for your business. Instead, change your perspective and think about creating an educational hub for all the information your prospects would need to make a smart, safe purchase decision. That’s what your site should feel like.



Landing Page Blunders Killing Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Landing pages often take a backseat to the content they are pushing. You’re focused on the main piece of the conversion puzzle ­and not the little pieces that bring it all together. Landing pages have a huge impact on your inbound marketing program when you’re trying to drive website traffic, and it’s likely there are some big mistakes you’re making.



How To Generate B2B Leads Using Pinterest

I know what you’re thinking:Pinterest isn’t a good fit for my B2B business – isn’t Pinterest just for recipes, DIY crafts and funny animal pictures?” Actually, that’s not the whole picture.

While Pinterest might not be a good fit for your business specifically, that has more to do with your social media strategy than it does with your business model being B2B. Not only have we covered B2B Pinterest marketing before, but also many other unlikely brands are already dominating this social media marketing platform to drive revenue for their business.

Remember that even in the B2B market, your business needs to start thinking more along the lines of H2H (or human-to-human) marketing because your prospects and customers are human too, and humans always appreciate (and act on) the type of strong visual and multimedia storytelling that Pinterest has to offer.

Here are two facts to consider before we dive into how to generate more B2B leads with Pinterest: