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Why Is My Website Design And Development Project So Expensive?

All Websites Are Not Created Equally; Learn What You Should Be Asking For In Your Next Website Design Project

I love answering common questions with the blog articles we write. This is one of the most common questions and one of the most misunderstood areas of marketing on the planet. How can you get a website proposal for $5,000 from one company and $50,000 from another company for the same website design and development project? The answer is simple when you unpack the project.

It’s rarely an apples-to-apples comparison. I know it seems simple. You need a 20-page website with no fancy features or functionality. Maybe you want your current site migrated to HubSpot, maybe you have 100 blog articles that also need to be moved over to the new site and maybe you have a handful of nice-to-have features that you’ve always wanted, like a site-wide search feature or a new FAQ page. Nothing too complex. Of course, you want the site responsive so it works well and looks great on all mobile devices, but that’s standard these days.



6.5 Questions To Uncover If A Website Design Will Generate Leads

Your Site Might Be Brand New, But If It Doesn’t Produce Leads And New Customers, It Needs An Upgrade

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing and sales efforts. Everyone is coming to your website before they reach out to your company. This means your website design strategy needs to match the way your prospects buy and make their purchase decisions.

Many companies are unsure as to the weaknesses in their existing website. The questions below help you know for sure if your website is producing. Remember, your website has only one mission in life — to generate high-quality leads that turn into sales opportunities and ultimately revenue.



Why You MUST Invest In Thinking Before Building A New Inbound Marketing Website

Strategy Before Building Is Key To Getting Leads From Your New Website

The website: It’s almost always the first place clients go to when thinking about their marketing. “I need a new one. I don’t like ours. It’s three years old.” Those are all comments we hear from clients.

But with a little investigative questioning, it’s easy to uncover the real issue: Their website is not producing any or enough quality leads. It goes without saying that your website has only one purpose in life — produce leads for your company. 

If you’re following and agree that you want your website to generate leads, then it’s critical the new site be search friendly. In other words, it must be able to be found by all the major search engines for the keywords, phrases and questions relevant to your business, products and services. To make sure this is in place, youre going to want a technical audit of your current site, a thorough review of what your competitors are doing (from a search perspective) and a review of your current conversion funnel.



How Agile Marketing Means Never Having To Go Through A Major Website Rebuild Again

Inbound Marketing Gives You The Tools And Agile Marketing Gives You The Methodology

We’ve all had to endure that six-month website rebuild that takes longer than expected, is missing some key functionality, goes over budget and is flat-out painful for you and your agency. It’s no one’s fault. These projects are usually complex and expectations are often misaligned.

But I have some very good news. You never have to go through that again. Today, leading digital marketing agencies don’t do big website rebuilds like this anymore. Inbound marketing and Agile marketing have provided the tools to create smaller website launches that can be done in 30 days, with new features and new pages launched every 30 days.

This allows the site to launch sooner, start generating leads sooner and generate ROI sooner. Plus, this approach allows the site to get smarter immediately, as you use data from the site to prioritize new pages and features month over month — forever. Never rebuild your site again!



Inbound Marketing: The Website Must-Haves To Drive Results

Everyone knows that you need a website, but does everyone know the difference between an inbound marketing website and one that supports traditional marketing programs?

We’ve reported in the past that, according to Google, 9 out of 10 people say they visit a business’ website before calling or contacting it in any way. If this is true (and we believe it is), your website has some very heavy lifting to do in order to turn these visitors into leads and customers for your business.

Here are some of the elements to consider when evaluating your current website.



The No Fluff Advice You Need To Hear About Your Website Design

 Since we are the “no fluff” marketing and sales firm our clients look to us for straightforward, no bull approaches. With that in mind, we thought it made sense to share some of that same bold and brash commentary here on the blog.



10 Simple Upgrades You Need For Your Website Design Today!

 Most of us think that when our website is finally up and running, the work is done and it’s time to kick back and relax.



Why Your Cousin Shouldn’t Do Your Website Design

 We still hear, fairly regularly, from prospects that are going to have their cousin, brother, or neighbor design and build their website. Others are having their internal IT teams (who specialize in network security, email and laptop support) handle their website project.