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Why You MUST Invest In Thinking Before Building A New Inbound Marketing Website

Strategy Before Building Is Key To Getting Leads From Your New Website

The website: It’s almost always the first place clients go to when thinking about their marketing. “I need a new one. I don’t like ours. It’s three years old.” Those are all comments we hear from clients.

But with a little investigative questioning, it’s easy to uncover the real issue: Their website is not producing any or enough quality leads. It goes without saying that your website has only one purpose in life — produce leads for your company. 

If you’re following and agree that you want your website to generate leads, then it’s critical the new site be search friendly. In other words, it must be able to be found by all the major search engines for the keywords, phrases and questions relevant to your business, products and services. To make sure this is in place, youre going to want a technical audit of your current site, a thorough review of what your competitors are doing (from a search perspective) and a review of your current conversion funnel.



Is Your Website A Lead Generation Machine Or An Online Brochure?

Inbound Marketing Gives You The Instructions To Build A Lead-Generating Site

Back in the day (a few years ago) websites were an electronic version of your corporate brochure. Remember the corporate brochure? It was mandatory. Everyone had to have a glossy, 10-page brochure with their company history, executive team and mission statement. We did our fair share of those when we started the agency.

When the web took over, companies simply converted their printed corporate brochure to the web. The same pages, same images, same headlines and same copy, only on the web instead of in a printed brochure. I guess it made sense at the time.

However, the world is a different place today. Your prospects buy differently and marketing has evolved, which means your website strategy needs to evolve too. Its time to upgrade your website from an online brochure to a lead-generating machine that feeds prospects materials to move them through a buyer journey and down into your sales funnel as high-quality, qualified sales opportunities.



Your Home Page Might Be Stopping Your Inbound Marketing From Working

If You Ignored Your Website And Youre Expecting Inbound Marketing To Work, Think Again

We’ve looked at so many inbound marketing programs that we’re usually very sure what’s preventing the program from performing to expectations. Most of the time, it’s your website.

It might look great, it might be just a few months old and you might have written every word yourself, but unless the home page grabs a prospect’s attention, pulls them into your story, tells them why they want to do business with you and explains how other people have had success working with you — and does this all in 10 seconds — your marketing is dead on arrival.

Yes, your website is the most important marketing asset in your collection of marketing tactics and it’s the most complicated asset you’ll work with. It also needs to be continuously updated and upgraded based on performance data. If you’re not using your website like this, this is why your inbound marketing might be underperforming.



What Is DNS Propagation And How Does It Work?

An Easy-To-Understand Overview

You've probably heard the term "DNS propagation" before, but aren't quite sure what it means. Don't worry, you're not alone. DNS propagation is a complicated subject, and to fully understand it you need to know how the internet works. In this blog, I'll provide an easy-to-comprehend overview of the internet and DNS propagation.



5 Roles Every Successful Web Design Project Needs

I’ve always been a big fan of basketball. When I was younger, I chalked it up to flashy dunks and buzzer-beating three-point shots. Now that I’m older and more mature, I can appreciate the game for a new reason: five players working together as a team.



3 Questions To See If Your Website Is Ready To Produce Inbound Marketing Leads

Your Inbound Marketing Website Should Be Outperforming Your Top Salesperson

Yes, I said it. I think your website should be outperforming your best salesperson. I’ll go one step further; if you turn your website strategy over to us, and let us do everything we need to it, I promise we’ll outperform any of your salespeople from a lead generation perspective.

If you like the sound of your website producing a ton of leads, the changes you have to make to your website need to be identified, prioritized and then executed. Not necessarily all at once, but in a thoughtful and strategic way. By using an Agile or Lean approach to your website, we can start with upgrades that have a major impact and take a minimal effort. Then, over the next few months, we can continue to make changes based on the data and results, instead of opinions and assumptions.

Here’s a great place to start. Ask yourself these three questions about your current website.



Inbound Marketing Changed Our Thinking From Websites To Web Pages

Google and the other search engines don’t rank websites. They rank web pages.

This isn’t a new concept for a progressive inbound marketing agency like Square 2 Marketing, but it might be a new thought for CEOs, business owners and VPs of marketing.

Stop thinking about your website as a single unit. Start looking at it page by page if you want to increase the amount of new visitors stopping by.



How Long Do I Have To Wait For My New Inbound Marketing Website?

I get it. You’re excited. The inbound marketing strategy and 12-month inbound plan is done, and you love it. It’s been six weeks, and you’ve been so patient throughout the planning exercises.

So, why does it take another three to four months to get your inbound marketing website done and live?

First, don’t take my word for it: There are many, many web references on how long it takes to do a website correctly. Most reputable web design shops quote 90 days, while others say 12 to 16 weeks. Keep in mind that most of these reference points are NOT for inbound sites, but rather "electronic brochure" sites – ones that simply have information for visitors to read, a "Contact Us" form and that’s it.

Inbound sites have many more features and require an entirely different website strategy for the design, build and delivery. Regardless, it’s still going to take a minimum of three to four months to get your site up and live.

You don’t want a site that’s done in less time, and here’s why.



What Inbound Marketing And The Avengers Have In Common

Wouldn’t it be great if you could press a special button and have an inbound marketing superhero fly down from the sky to help your business get more leads and close more new customers?

It would also be great if someone strolled into your office and handed you a briefcase with $1 million. But, it’s highly unlikely that either of these scenarios is going to take place.

With that in mind, you need a solid Plan B. The good news is that there is a collection of marketing tactics that, when teamed up, produce solid lead generation and new revenue for almost any business in almost any industry.



Inbound Marketing On Home Pages Vs. Inbound Marketing On Landing Pages

Back in 2012, we wrote an Inbound Unwound article that outperformed all other articles.