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Are You Optimizing Your Most Critical Conversion Point?

Don’t Underestimate The Significance Of Your Headline

It’s easy to minimize the importance of your headline. For whatever reason, even the savvy content marketer sometimes fails to grasp its complete significance.

It’s not simply a title – it’s a critical conversion point. In fact, it’s your most critical conversion point.



Star Wars-Inspired Inbound Marketing Conversion Strategy: Meet CTA3PO

How A Three-Option Call-To-Action Button Might Transform Inbound Marketing Conversion Strategy

I want to preface this blog article with a disclaimer: This is an untested idea.

I often share my thoughts and theories in this blog, allowing readers to take the ideas and do with them what they want. It's one of the advantages of being a subscriber and being part of the progressive inbound marketing community.

This is one of those articles. So, if youre expecting a ton of research data, you’re going to have to wait a few more months.

Instead, here’s an idea that could change the way we manage conversions across all website properties. Its simple: Why give people only one option when presented with a chance to convert?



How Long Do I Have To Wait For My New Inbound Marketing Website?

I get it. You’re excited. The inbound marketing strategy and 12-month inbound plan is done, and you love it. It’s been six weeks, and you’ve been so patient throughout the planning exercises.

So, why does it take another three to four months to get your inbound marketing website done and live?

First, don’t take my word for it: There are many, many web references on how long it takes to do a website correctly. Most reputable web design shops quote 90 days, while others say 12 to 16 weeks. Keep in mind that most of these reference points are NOT for inbound sites, but rather "electronic brochure" sites – ones that simply have information for visitors to read, a "Contact Us" form and that’s it.

Inbound sites have many more features and require an entirely different website strategy for the design, build and delivery. Regardless, it’s still going to take a minimum of three to four months to get your site up and live.

You don’t want a site that’s done in less time, and here’s why.



Content Marketing And Inbound Marketing–Brothers From Another Mother?

 Content marketing and inbound marketing are two of the most popular phrases being thrown around today. When it comes to using content marketing and inbound marketing to generate leads for a business, they are so interrelated it’s hard for me to separate the two.