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How To Turbocharge Account-Based Marketing With Little Wows

Your ABM Strategy Has To Be More Than Emails, LinkedIn Connects And Twitter PMs

Disney is the master of the experience. They figured out long ago that it all comes down to the experience they create for their guests. The result is people come from all over the world and pay big money to visit Disney properties. Disney excels at deploying little wows at strategic times during your visit.

When you arrive at the hotel, they offer you a drink. When you return to your room from the park and you’re ready for a refreshing shower, a towel animal greets you. Feeling hot from the sun? Let the misters cool you off while you’re in line. Want to avoid standing in lines for attractions? Check out the FastPass+ service. I could go on and on. But what does this have to do with marketing or account-based marketing?



How To Integrate Video Into Demand Generation And Inbound Marketing

Especially When Lead Generation Is Your Ultimate Goal

The world is full of visual learners. That means many people would prefer to watch instead of read, yet marketers and business leaders continue to create tons of written content like e-books, whitepapers, website pages and blog articles.

Research shows that 65% of the population consists of visual learners. These people use images, pictures, colors and other visual media to organize and learn information. The remainder of the population is comprised of auditory and kinesthetic learners (see pie chart from the University of Alabama School of Medicine). Since that’s the case, wouldn’t it make sense to have most of your content in video or visual formats? Yes, it would.

Some types of prospects do prefer to read. Accountants, lawyers, engineers, architects, software engineers, researchers and other left-brain types should get written content because that’s what they prefer. So before you start converting all of your blog articles into videos, keep your personas and prospect profiles in mind when you start using video marketing techniques.



Prediction 1 - Video Becomes Prominent In Content Marketing And Inbound Marketing

Video Becomes Mandatory Within Inbound Marketing Campaigns

No earth-shattering revelations here. Video marketing is already insanely popular as a content type, but going forward short, homemade snippets for use on social, web, mobile and email are going to be much more popular as vehicles to carry your story and engage your prospects.  

The major change that has been going on and will continue to go on is that video is becoming much more mainstream. No more need for expensive production resources, professional video resources or complex shoots. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be a place for the professional corporate video. However, when it comes to inbound marketing and content creation, the homemade variety of video can produce results with only a small investment — making the ROI extremely attractive.



An Early Holiday Gift Filled With 2017 Inbound Marketing Predictions

Inbound Marketing And Inbound Sales Accelerate The Pace Of Change Next Year

While I’m not going to tell you I know exactly what’s going to happen next year, I do have enough experience to give you some insight into the trends and challenges we’ve seen this year that are setting up to have major impacts on what might transpire in 2017.

They key for you is to be aware of what’s going on, understand the speed at which the transitions and evolutions are progressing, and then make decisions based on these changes. I’m a big believer in having a plan A, plan B and, in some cases, a plan C.

If for some reason cold-calling became hyper effective (don’t worry), at least we would be prepared to start moving some effort into this suddenly highly effective tactic. But if I have no idea it's coming, I would be ill-equipped to make that move. Consider the next 12 predictions as a “heads up” as to what might be coming in the foreseeable future. Enjoy!



Video Improves Inbound Marketing Results — Roll The Video!

Here are some insights that might help you get on the video marketing bandwagon, if you’re not already on.

  • YouTube is now the second-largest search engine, which means if you’re not posting content on YouTube, you’re missing out on major website traffic sources.
  • 75% of executives admit they watched business-related videos on websites they’ve visited over the past week.
  • Adding video to your landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%, and 50% of execs say they’ve done additional research after seeing a video online.

This is very compelling data. Thanks to Insivia for those stats. But data is only going to get you so far. We’ve already established that marketing is a person-to-person exercise, and that means you need compelling stories to tell these people so they leave their status quo behind and make the decision to start a conversation with your company. Video is one of the best storytelling tools on the planet.



How To Perfect Your Inbound Marketing Video Campaign In 4 Steps

George Lucas said it: “It’s hard work making movies.”

While most businesses utilizing the power of inbound marketing have embraced content marketing as a way to engage prospects and convert leads, many companies still shy away from using video marketing as part of their strategy. It’s understandable. Videos cost more to produce than blogs and whitepapers. Plus, incorporating video marketing into an inbound marketing content strategy is often nearly as tricky as making the videos themselves.

But businesses that hesitate to use video marketing are missing out on a way to attract prospects who prefer watching videos to reading text. If you’re looking to use video marketing in your inbound marketing content strategy, here are four steps you should take to drive results and boost conversions.



Inbound Marketing, Social Media And Video Marketing: The Right Recipe

Marketing has transformed overnight from a reader's world to a watcher's world, and inbound marketing is taking advantage of those changes.

We’ve known for a long time that 65% of human beings are visual learners. Our eyes are on the front of our faces for a reason. Our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. And 40% of the nerve fibers in the brain are linked to the retina.

So, how do you structure your inbound marketing campaigns to take advantage of this obvious human condition?



Content Marketing And Video Marketing Converge

Today, most of the content fueling the growth of content marketing is written. However, you can’t deny the facts:

  • Approximately 65% of the population comprises visual learners. (Mind Tools, 1998)
  • The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. (3M Corporate, 2001)
  • 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual. (Hyerle, 2000)



6 Tips For Creating Emotionally Charged, High-Quality Content

Humans are emotional creatures with a thirst for knowledge, and quality content should appeal to both of these aspects. When you're developing a content marketing strategy, it's important that you think intently about who your audience is and how to play on their emotions without sacrificing the value of your posts. Here are six essentials to help you get started.



How Video Marketing Eliminates The Need For References

“Get me some references, and we can get the deal done.”

How many times have you heard that line over the past few years? It’s usually the last road block thrown up by prospects to make you jump through one more hoop and give them a little more time to make up their mind. Why do they need to talk to people who are obviously going to give you good reviews?

Remember, your prospects never say yes to your proposal until they feel safe. Talking with your references is one of the most traditional ways prospects work to feel safe before hiring you or buying your stuff.

The good news is that there's a better way: video marketing.