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Inbound Marketing Analytics: Unlocking The Numbers That Tell A Story

Editor's Note: Mike is off blog duty this week. We'll be featuring blog posts authored by a few other members of the Square 2 Marketing team. Happy reading!

Your customers are on a journey. Today’s modern B2B buyers are on an empowered trek through a “choose-your-own-adventure” story as they search online for your products or services.

Inbound marketing analytics are the numbers and other data behind your marketing program that tell that story — it’s a powerful tale about the success of your marketing performance.  



Conversion Rate Optimization: 5 Page Elements To Test

Whether your goal is motivating your visitors to request a consultation, download a free piece of content or just getting them to go through a checkout process, increasing your website’s conversion rate is crucial to fine-tuning your inbound marketing strategy and boosting revenue.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of analyzing the performance of your website and landing pages, then making changes that cause your visitors to take your desired action. Conducting A/B tests gives you the information necessary to understand what on-page strategies work best for your prospects.

Here are five page elements for you to test to determine the best ways to convert your website visitors into leads and customers.



CRO And SEO Are Both Critical To Inbound Marketing Success

CRO, CMS, CTA, PPC, SEO … sometimes the marketing world seems like a nonstop barrage of acronyms and buzzwords. If you’re not reading marketing blogs like this one every day, it’s easy to feel a little lost.

Too many people get overwhelmed by this and make the mistake of just learning the latest trendy acronym, shifting all of their marketing efforts to it and ignoring everything else.

Lately, people are buzzing about conversion rate optimization (CRO), which is a strategy centered around adjusting website content in order to increase the percentage of leads converted on any given page. It’s a good strategy, a great one even.

However, you don’t want to shift all of your efforts away from other approaches such as search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing in favor of conversion optimization. In fact, both SEO and CRO are actually just essential parts of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. To get the best outcomes, you need to make these approaches work together.

Here are a few ways to integrate CRO and SEO into your inbound marketing campaign.



4 Content Mistakes That Destroy Inbound Marketing Results

When executed correctly, content marketing elevates your inbound marketingcampaign and enables you to generate more leads.

By providing your prospects with educational content that helps them solve their pains, you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Then, when your leads finally reach the point in their buyer journey at which they’re ready to buy, they’re going to think of you first and contact you. This makes it much easier to convert leads into customers.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t know how to carry out the content marketing portion of their inbound marketing campaign. If you fail to implement this properly, you risk making damaging errors that devastate inbound marketing results.

To get the best outcomes from your inbound marketing content, avoid the four success-killing mistakes below.



Inbound Marketing Is All About User Experience

Buyer behavior has changed and seller-centric marketing is dead. Customers no longer want to be disturbed by advertisements and cold calls telling them all about a certain business or product. These outdated tactics have two things in common. First, they interrupt prospects at times they don’t want to be bothered. Second, they are all about the seller, not the buyer.

Adopting an inbound marketing strategy for your business forces you to stop thinking about your service and product, and to start thinking about how you are able to help your prospects solve their problems. It’s not always an easy mindset to shift to, but the dramatic increases you generate in leads and conversions make it worthwhile.