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The Big 3: You Need These New Roles For Revenue Generation Marketing

Demand Generation With Inbound Marketing Tactics Requires These Roles To Produce Results

Youre ready to tackle the complexities of today’s revenue growth challenges. You get it. You know it’s not about marketing or sales; its about revenue. You see how demand generation focuses on getting people aware of your company and you see how inbound marketing earns the attention of people in an active search mode.

But you probably also see that the work needing to get done is complex and requires an entirely new set of skills. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll hire a new graduate, turn them loose and have them immediately building your funnel model, creating content, contributing to your stories, optimizing your website, using technology and impacting results in the first month.



Inbound Marketing Is All About User Experience

Buyer behavior has changed and seller-centric marketing is dead. Customers no longer want to be disturbed by advertisements and cold calls telling them all about a certain business or product. These outdated tactics have two things in common. First, they interrupt prospects at times they don’t want to be bothered. Second, they are all about the seller, not the buyer.

Adopting an inbound marketing strategy for your business forces you to stop thinking about your service and product, and to start thinking about how you are able to help your prospects solve their problems. It’s not always an easy mindset to shift to, but the dramatic increases you generate in leads and conversions make it worthwhile.