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3 Twitter Fails Affecting Your Inbound Marketing Social Selling

For sales professionals who only use LinkedIn for social selling, Twitter may seem a little … terrifying.

While LinkedIn feels like a networking event filled with smiling faces and business card exchanges, Twitter’s more like the Wild West of social media platforms – a sea of Internet outrage, self-promotion and heated discussions about pop culture. But, if you’re willing to take a deep breath and get over your fears, Twitter provides many great opportunities to enhance your inbound sales campaign. After all, Twitter recently surpassed LinkedIn as the #1 social media platform for social selling. 

If you’re going to start incorporating Twitter into your inbound marketing social selling and sales strategy, it’s important not to fail, or as they say on Twitter, #fail. Make sure you avoid these three common mistakes that Twitter newbies often make.



Inbound Marketing Metrics: What To Look For In Your Twitter Analytics

Has Twitter Analytics become your latest obsession, like it has for us? NO?

The somewhat recent launch of Twitter Analytics provides a treasure trove of data insight into your social campaigns on the platform. If you aren’t leveraging this data, you’re missing out on the best way to improve your Twitter marketing strategy.

What does Twitter Analytics reveal exactly?