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How Inbound Marketing Propels Your Trade Show Numbers Through The Roof

I really like it when readers email me with commentary that gets me thinking.

That happened yesterday, when I received an email letting me know that there are, in fact, trade shows with growing attendance, that it's important to plan for trade shows and that there are still a lot of people wasting money at trade shows.

So, it seems like a good idea to talk about how inbound marketing actually changes the way you think about your participation in an outbound marketing tactic like the trade show.

Instead of showing up and throwing up, what if you could make your investment in the show produce a super-high return, driving sales for three or four months after the show is over?



Turn Your Ho-Hum Trade Show Into An Inbound Marketing Event

Many of you still make trade shows a key part of your marketing strategy.

Did you know that there is a way to turn this traditional, interruptive outbound marketing tactic into a highly effective inbound marketing tactic?

Think about the traditional trade show experience from your perspective. You sign up months in advance and try to be clever by selecting the right spot on the show floor. Maybe you even go for one of their sponsorship packages to give your business some extra "exposure." Your team shows up the night before to get the booth set up, arrives five minutes before the show starts, stands around until the show ends and then packs up and goes home.



How Inbound Marketing Gets You To A Trade Show With 100,000 Attendees Every Single Day

 One aspect of inbound marketing that has people confused is how to use the educational content you create on your website.