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Why Done Is Better Than Perfect When It Comes To Revenue Generation

Demand Generation Requires You To Go Live When Done, Instead Of Holding Until Perfect

At the risk of making all of the businesspeople reading the blog uncomfortable, you have to let go of this idea that marketing needs to be perfect before it’s launched.

Your website is ready to launch, but you just want to read it over one more time. No! Your new strategic messaging isn’t quite right, so you want to make a few more tweaks to it before you let us start using it. No! The new e-book needs one more round of revisions before youre comfortable making it public. No!

Why would I say something like this? This work represents your firm. If it’s not perfect, it’s a reflection on you. Taking extra time to make it perfect is going to pay off in the long run. We should be careful what we say publicly.

These are all valid points, but they don’t outweigh the power of moving work outside the safety of the agency and into the public domain for one reason and one reason only: You want marketing results and revenue generation. We want to get that for you, but to do it that work needs to see the light of day.



How To Get Your Email Marketing Results To Go From Poor to POW!

Email marketing is, without a doubt, the most overused marketing tactic in the book today. Why? It is one of the easiest for marketers to execute, and it is one of the cheapest, too. However, the combination of those two factors make it one of the most underperforming marketing tactics in play.

The good news is there are ways to improve your email marketing results.
Don’t over-email. If you are emailing your prospects, clients or customers more than twice a month, it’s probably too much. Your open and click-through rates are the true measure of whether you are over-emailing or not. If you are looking at open rates under 10%, click-through rates under 1% or opt-out rates over 1%, you are over-emailing your database.