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Quality Content Defined: 5 Features That Transform Boring Into Brilliant

Losers have content. Winners have quality content.

The Internet has no shortage of content, but it's definitely missing quality content – the stuff people are searching for, those informative pieces that help guide decisions, the useful material put out by thought leaders.

But how do you know if you have just plain old content or quality content? Here are the five features that separate the best from the bland.

1. Formatting

Quality content isn't just chock full of interesting ideas and useful tips. In order to turn a good blog post into a great one, you need to use the proper page and text formatting.

Readers are crunched for time, and they need easily digestible information – if they have to work for it, they're gone. Most users are skimmers and scanners, so you should structure your content to make it simple for them to navigate through your posts. Optimal formatting includes appropriate usage of:

  • Bolded and italicized words to convey the importance of an idea
  • Bullet points and numbered lists (like the one you're reading!)
  • Playing with white space to prevent text blocking
  • Short, concise sentences and paragraphs
  • Headers and subheaders to break up text

2. Grammar & Spelling



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