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How Many Inbound Marketing Leads Could I Drive With Super Bowl Ads?

Many More Than The Actual Ads By The Companies Spending Over $5 Million For 30 Seconds

Let’s get the stats out of the way first. According to VarietyFox is charging marketers anywhere between $5 million and $5.5 million for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl this year. ... For comparison, the average price of a 30-second ad during Game 7 of this year’s historic World Series was just over $500,000. The price for a similar spot during the 2016 Oscars cost about $2 million.

But wait, now we hear it’s not enough to shell out $5 million for the 30-second spot. Ad execs are suggesting you have to advertise your advertisements. One marketing executive told The New York Times that its common for advertisers to spend an additional 25% or more of the cost of their commercial slot just on promoting the ad in the lead-up to the Super Bowl. That means advertisers are tossing another $1 million into the fire to promote their Super Bowl ad. It’s just craziness.

Here is another data point for your consideration. As a article reports, “advertisers must also contend with the potentially high production costs of putting together a commercial. ... The average production cost for a Super Bowl ad in recent years was reportedly north of $1 million. Cha-ching! Now we’re up to $7 million to get the 30-second ad out. But wait, it gets better.



What Inbound Marketing Would Do Instead Of One Super Bowl Ad

How Inbound Marketing Leverages $5 Million To Drive A LOT Of Leads

Sticking with our Super Bowl theme today, I thought I would show you how an inbound marketing pro would spend the same $5 million dollars that advertisers plan to spend on a single 30-second Super Bowl ad.

While it’s too late to help the advertisers in Sunday’s game, it’s not too late to share an alternative inbound marketing approach with all of you.   



Inbound Marketing Wants To Know: Does Super Bowl Advertising Work?

The Experts Weigh In, And Super Bowl Advertising Doesn’t Impact Sales

I love this time of year. The magnifying glass is on advertising in a big way. Why? The Super Bowl creates a huge storm of conversation around whether advertising actually works. On the day of the Super Bowl, companies are going to invest $5 million for a 30-second TV ad, and the age-old question is in play: Does it work?

I’ve been very vocal over the years, writing articles like this. But today, I want to see what other experts have to say. So, here’s what a variety of experts are saying about whether Super Bowl advertising actually drives sales. After all, marketing has but one job, and that is to drive revenue.



The Old Guard Vs. The Young Gun: Outbound Vs. Inbound Marketing

How Cam Newton And Peyton Manning Remind Me Of Inbound Marketing Overtaking Outbound

My articles are usually serious with a sprinkling of brash. But, over the next few days, I thought I would lighten things up a bit as we all get ready for my favorite national holiday, Super Bowl Sunday.

Today, I wanted to compare the old guard, Peyton Manning, and traditional marketing to the young gun, Cam Newton, and inbound marketing.

You might not know this, but there are a ton of similarities between Peyton Manning and traditional outbound marketing, and there are even more similarities between Cam Newton and inbound marketing. So, without any national anthem, jet flybys or fireworks, here we go.



Inbound Marketing: Unceremoniously Missing From The Super Bowl

This article about inbound marketing and the advertising during the Super Bowl should have probably been published on Monday, but we had something else scheduled. In an attempt to do a Throwback Thursday to Sunday’s Super Bowl, I want to mention how shocking it was to me that not one of the ads on Super Bowl Sunday had any inbound marketing elements.



Inbound Marketing Won't Be At The Super Bowl

A quick inbound marketing reality check: What is the goal for any marketing tactic like TV advertising? Answer: To generate leads!

This time of year I have to check because, on Sunday, a bunch of businesses are about to blow a ton of money on something other than our agreed upon goal.

Every year, I take this opportunity to rail on the ridiculousness that is known as Super Bowl advertising.



How To Influence Social Media Like The Big Brands At The Super Bowl

Ad Age ran a story a few days ago that cited the quantified lift of social media mentions from Super Bowl advertisements during the day of the big game.



What A Savvy Inbound Marketing Pro Would Do With $4 Million Dollars

 Sticking with our Super Bowl theme, today we thought we would show you how an inbound marketing pro would spend the same $4 million dollars that advertisers plan to spend on a single Super Bowl ad.