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Overcoming The Perils Of Instagram For B2B Inbound Marketing

Of all the social media platforms in your business’s B2B inbound marketing strategy, Instagram is the trickiest.

After all, it needs to be managed from a mobile device, and it doesn’t allow links back to your site. Every post requires an image, so there’s no way to simply dash off a few educational sentences and move on. Plus, the platform’s demographics are skewed toward younger audiences, which may seem unappealing to companies that assume their prospects are older, more seasoned professionals.

With all this difficulty, is it even worth it for B2B businesses to set up and manage Instagram accounts?

The answer: Absolutely. Learn why, and find out the best ways to incorporate Instagram into your social media engagement strategy for your inbound marketing program.



3 Twitter Fails Affecting Your Inbound Marketing Social Selling

For sales professionals who only use LinkedIn for social selling, Twitter may seem a little … terrifying.

While LinkedIn feels like a networking event filled with smiling faces and business card exchanges, Twitter’s more like the Wild West of social media platforms – a sea of Internet outrage, self-promotion and heated discussions about pop culture. But, if you’re willing to take a deep breath and get over your fears, Twitter provides many great opportunities to enhance your inbound sales campaign. After all, Twitter recently surpassed LinkedIn as the #1 social media platform for social selling. 

If you’re going to start incorporating Twitter into your inbound marketing social selling and sales strategy, it’s important not to fail, or as they say on Twitter, #fail. Make sure you avoid these three common mistakes that Twitter newbies often make.



How To Perfect Your Inbound Marketing Video Campaign In 4 Steps

George Lucas said it: “It’s hard work making movies.”

While most businesses utilizing the power of inbound marketing have embraced content marketing as a way to engage prospects and convert leads, many companies still shy away from using video marketing as part of their strategy. It’s understandable. Videos cost more to produce than blogs and whitepapers. Plus, incorporating video marketing into an inbound marketing content strategy is often nearly as tricky as making the videos themselves.

But businesses that hesitate to use video marketing are missing out on a way to attract prospects who prefer watching videos to reading text. If you’re looking to use video marketing in your inbound marketing content strategy, here are four steps you should take to drive results and boost conversions.



2 Ways Inbound Marketing Supports Sales Through The Summer

Unless your business is related to tourism or sells ice cream, there’s a very good chance that as temperatures rise, sales drop. For B2B businesses, this is largely driven by the fact that many customers go on vacation for large portions of the summer.

While it may be tempting to just give up on generating sales until the weather cools, the constant need for revenue generation doesn’t allow this. To overcome the revenue declines that come with summer, inbound marketing departments must support inbound salesdepartments.

Check out the two inbound marketing tips below that should help you boost sales through the summer months.



3 Ways To Make Your Twitter Social Selling Soar

If you’re looking to dial your online marketing strategy to 11 this year, you need to think about social selling. Once written off as a buzzword, social selling is shaping up to be a sales strategy MVP - if businesses get it right.

The first step towards mastering social selling: understanding each medium at your disposal. Today, we’re showing you how to use Twitter to educate prospects and nurture leads quickly and effectively.



How To Make The Best LinkedIn Profile For Social Selling

A lot of people are buzzing about social selling lately and that got me thinking about Willy Loman.

The tragic hero of Arthur Miller’s classic 1949 play, Death of a Salesman, ultimately fails as a salesperson because he is unwilling to give up his emphasis on longstanding personal relationships and adapt to modern sales methods. In Willy’s heyday, the personal connection was everything in terms of generating sales and attracting leads. But, by the time of his tragic fall, his more adaptable colleagues were eating away at all his market share by using more modern techniques.

The moral of Willy’s story, at least as it applies to today’s salespeople, is not that personal relationships don’t matter. The moral of the story is that you need to adapt to a changing sales environment.

Sales teams still depending on outbound sales methods such as cold calling and direct mail are the Willy Lomans of their day, clinging to old-fashioned sales methods even while more and more research points to the reality that buyer behavior has changed.



Social Selling: Answering Your 3 Biggest Questions

Chances are you’ve encountered the term “social selling” in the wild. But, you probably haven’t executed social selling in practice. In fact, a recent State of Inbound report indicates that, currently, more people are talking about social selling than actually doing it.