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Why You Need To Be Social With Social Media Marketing

Perhaps one of the more complicated tactics in the inbound marketing playbook is social media.

It offers marketers so much promise, yet we’re all still trying to learn exactly how to make it work to help businesses get found, get leads and close new customers.

We’ve done a number of experiments with social media marketing. We’ve found that while the automated posting and systematic placement of content works to increase a client’s reach on social networks, a more conversational approach works even better to drive new visitors and leads.



How To Measure ROI On Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has long been a very complicated and elusive tactic when it comes to ROI.



How Inbound Marketing Uses Social Media To Drive Leads

By now, most people have bought into the fact that social media is an important ingredient in the inbound marketing recipe.

We’ve also seen a shift in the understanding that progress from solid social marketing strategy takes months, not days. But, there's a question that still remains primarily unanswered: How do you use social to drive leads and revenue for your business?

The answer doesn’t lie in the social program, but rather in the overall inbound program. Standalone social marketing has the ability to impact your business, but to what end? What numbers? What business goals? We could build a game app on Facebook tomorrow, generating 10,000 likes and driving an additional 1,000 friends, but how does that help the business? Branding and getting your name out there just doesn’t cut it anymore.



Why Social Media Is An Inbound Marketing Magnifier

Almost everyone is still trying to figure out how to integrate social media with their inbound marketing programs to optimize performance. We all know it helps, and we all know you need to do it. But, exactly how and in what dose has remained a mystery – until now.

From the research we’ve done with our extensive client work, we've found that social networks function exactly like a magnifier, taking your ordinary results and making them extraordinary. We’ve also found that social marketing works in more than one way, supporting organic search traffic, lengthening the reach of your content and extending its visibility, thereby driving more new visitors to your community.



How Social Media Marketing Helps You Hit Your Sales Targets

In most cases, the difference between getting enough visitors to your website to turn 2% of them into leads for your sales team and not is the social media marketing you’re NOT doing right now.

Using social media as part of your inbound marketing strategy includes much more than reposting blog articles. There are actually some very specific tactics that take social media from a static exercise to a process that engages your prospects, gets them excited about your business and, best of all, drives them to reach out to you so they become a sales opportunity for your sales team.

Here are a couple of ways to get the conversation going, keep it going and use it to drive leads and sales opportunities.



The Best Social Media Practices To Build Your Business

What would you do if every time you showed up to a party or an event, people turned their backs to you -- they refused to look at you, listen to you or even consider your presence?