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When It Comes To Social Media Marketing, Personality Matters

Inbound Marketing Requires Social Media To Drive Inbound Leads

We just don’t get it as B2B marketers.

We aren’t ready for that level of commitment. We want our space. We just aren’t ready for a close relationship. We’d like to stay friends, but just friends. They deserve better than us. It’s not them, it’s us. Definitely us.

Since we market business-to-business, it’s hard for us to feel the love and loosen up a bit when it comes to marketing, especially on social media. But we don’t have a choice any longer: It’s time for us to either start showing a bit more personality or let our prospects be wooed by the charming competitor across the room.



Inbound Marketing Strategy Needs Proper Social Media To Drive Results

Social Media Is A Superhighway For Inbound Marketing Lead Generation

A lot of the inbound marketing agency programs we see have social media as part of their tactical plans, but the use of social media is limited to posting blog articles and improving the visual presentation of the businesss social sites. There is so much more social can do to impact the performance of your inbound marketing program.

Instead of looking at social media as an outlet for content publication, change your perspective to think about social networking sites as sources of new visitors to your website, just like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Here are six ways to turn your social media marketing into a major source of new leads.