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Social Media For Sales: Inbound Marketing Tips Sales Can Use Today

Inbound Marketing And Account-Based Marketing With A Focus On Social Selling

Maybe you’re a sales rep and someone sent you this article, maybe you're a VP of sales and hoping to hit your sales target this month, or perhaps you’re a VP of marketing trying to work more closely with the sales organization to deliver a more effective click-to-close marketing strategy. Regardless of your role, there are social media sales tips you can use today to get more leads and more new customers tomorrow.

Here are a couple of key principles to keep in mind. First, buyer behavior has changed so dramatically that many of the old sales tactics no longer resonate with today’s prospects. Second, almost every single research-based data point shows that sales has to stop interrupting and start educating your prospects. Finally, new tools are available that make salespeople’s jobs easier, and social media is at the center of that discussion.



6 Inbound Sales Tips Using Social Media To Generate More Leads

Buyer behavior has changed, and so has the sales effort required to get prospects to know, like and trust you.

Inbound sales gives you some of the tactics and processes necessary to work with buyers the way they want. And, social media selling provides an entirely new set of tools that every sales person should be using to help your company get found, generate more leads and close more new business.

In this article, we’ve collected six of the most effective applications of social media marketing in the sales process. These recommendations have been thoroughly tested at Square 2 Marketing and are already part of our inbound sales engagement offering, so you can be sure that these tactics produce results.