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Which Social Media Network Is Best For B2B Inbound Marketing?

It’s a fair question – and one that a lot of inbound marketing practitioners are asking these days.

While LinkedIn is the obvious choice, there is a good amount of data that indicates Facebook is effective for B2B. Then, there’s Google+ and its connection to search.

So, what’s an inbound person to do?



The Effective Social Media Platforms You're Ignoring

The advantages of social media marketing are immense. Social media platforms are where your customers spend most of their time, where they connect with each other, where they talk about their purchases.

It's a goldmine of audience connection. It's inexpensive to promote your brand and cultivate relationships with your ideal prospects and customers – all you really have to invest is your time and a little love.

From an SEO standpoint, social media marketing is becoming more and more important in search algorithms. (That's why YouTube and Google+ are great choices for SEO – they are, after all, Google products.)



Social Listening Throughout The Buyer Journey

We talk a lot about the buyer journey, and for good reason – where your prospects encounter your business and what you're saying at those stages are the two most crucial components that guide your customer relationships. To that end, social media platforms have been a major focus for businesses looking to build relationships with their customers on their turf.

Social media marketing, however, is about more than being a member of a social community. Effective social media marketing means you're listening to your prospects and customers, not just spewing out all the content you can muster with the hope that someone cares. Let's take a look at how social listening answers key questions in all the stages of your customer lifecycle.

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