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Inbound Marketing Helps Social Media Marketing To Be People Focused

People Do Business With People, Not Companies; Keep That In Mind When Building Your Inbound Marketing Program

It’s easy to forget that people ultimately make purchase decisions. Marketers get distracted talking about targets, personas, profiles, demographics, and other segmentation mechanisms. In reality, a person has to emotionally connect with your business and make a decision based on how safe they feel and how acute their pain is at that moment.

Integrating social media into your inbound marketing program gives you an opportunity to refocus your marketing on the people you want to attract to your company. Social media is a very one-to-one and people-oriented marketing tactic.

When used properly, it can be much more than a distribution network for blog articles – it can be an acceleration tactic that fuels your lead generation efforts.



What High-Impact Social Media Metrics Should You Be Worried About?

Managing your inbound marketing and social media by the numbers has never been easier. Yet, there are still many marketing executives and CEOs flying by the seat of their pants.

In the graphic here, you see that almost 50% of respondents still don’t use any marketing analytics to evaluate their social media marketing.

The marketing metrics and analytics you need in order to make solid business decisions have never been more accessible and straightforward than they are today.