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Why Inbound Marketing Pay-Per-Click Isn't A Quick Fix For Lead Gen

Your Expectations From Pay-Per-Click Are Critical If You Want It In Your Inbound Marketing Mix

Pay-per-click used to be the marketer’s easy button. Buy some ads, get some clicks and generate some leads. Don’t misunderstand my flippant attitude; I know it doesn’t work exactly like that, but most of our clients and potential clients sure thought that’s how it worked and were disappointed when it didn’t work exactly like that. I even had one client pumping $40,000 a month into Google AdWords to fill up the top of her funnel, even though her sales team couldn’t work the leads she had through the funnel.

Today, all forms of pay-per-click campaign management (search engine and social sites) are much more complicated. Many more people are bidding on the same keywords, the mathematics that drive the programs are more complex, and more inexperienced users are contributing to over bidding and inefficient program management. This is contributing to more pay-per-click programs that are producing lower and even disappointing results. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean pay-per-click won’t work; it just means you have to be smarter and have more realistic expectations.



Prediction #4 — Social Media Needs A Major Upgrade To Remain Viable For Inbound Marketing

Marketers Are Ruining Social Media; Expect Results From Social Media Marketing To Be Down In 2017

I think social media marketing is going to need a major upgrade, and by that I mean blow it up and start again. Everybody and their brother is using social media to get the message out and it has become a mess. If it can’t be fixed and retooled, my expectation is that this channel is going to be less and less effective in 2017.

Back in 2014, website visitors from social media were rivaling visitors from organic search engine results. That trend has since stopped and reversed. Today, visitors to our clients’ websites from social media represent a much smaller portion.

I attribute this drop to an abundance of content sprayed haphazardly across all the major social media platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have pushed aggressively to drive revenue through advertising, sponsored updates and promoted content.



When It Comes To Social Media Marketing, Personality Matters

Inbound Marketing Requires Social Media To Drive Inbound Leads

We just don’t get it as B2B marketers.

We aren’t ready for that level of commitment. We want our space. We just aren’t ready for a close relationship. We’d like to stay friends, but just friends. They deserve better than us. It’s not them, it’s us. Definitely us.

Since we market business-to-business, it’s hard for us to feel the love and loosen up a bit when it comes to marketing, especially on social media. But we don’t have a choice any longer: It’s time for us to either start showing a bit more personality or let our prospects be wooed by the charming competitor across the room.



5 Ways Inbound Marketing Helps Market To Companies You Want To Do Business With

Account-Based Marketing Is Gaining Traction, But It’s Not New

Inbound marketing helps people who are looking for companies like yours. It ensures that when people start searching, they find your business. But, what if someone needs what you offer and isn’t looking yet? Don’t you want to be on their radar?

Yes, you do, and there is a set of inbound marketing tactics that you should be considering in order to get in front of your target companies and personas. Some people refer to this as account-based marketing, but it isn’t new. It’s been part of an integrated inbound campaign since we started our agency back in 2003.

Key tactics for account-based marketing include some of the following suggestions.



Inbound Marketing Makes Snapchat An Option For Social Media Marketing

Picking The Right Social Media Network Is About Matching Personas

Inbound marketing gives practitioners the ability to use some of the newest social media platforms to drive new visitors to their website and new leads for their business. Snapchat is one of the latest entrants into the social media race.

Not sure about Snapchat? Or, maybe you’ve never heard of it? Check out these amazing stats.

As of May 2015, Snapchat had over 100 million daily users: 37% are aged 18 to 24 (a very difficult demographic to target), and 26% are 25 to 34. This means there are 63 million Snapchat users between the ages of 18 and 34. That’s a lot of people if those ages fit your target personas.

Continue reading, and we’ll help you take advantage of a potential tectonic shift in social media marketing.



Social Media Is Changing Quickly – Inbound Marketing Helps You Keep Up

Inbound Marketing Allows Testing, So Your Program Learns As You Go

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Medium, Ello and Periscope are all popular social media sites. I’m going to bet you probably haven’t even heard about a few of these. Social media has provided marketers with an entirely new set of tools.



Inbound Marketing Strategy Needs Proper Social Media To Drive Results

Social Media Is A Superhighway For Inbound Marketing Lead Generation

A lot of the inbound marketing agency programs we see have social media as part of their tactical plans, but the use of social media is limited to posting blog articles and improving the visual presentation of the businesss social sites. There is so much more social can do to impact the performance of your inbound marketing program.

Instead of looking at social media as an outlet for content publication, change your perspective to think about social networking sites as sources of new visitors to your website, just like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Here are six ways to turn your social media marketing into a major source of new leads.



What Miley Cyrus Can Teach Us About Inbound Marketing

Learn The Latest Inbound Marketing Strategies

Today starts the four-day festival dedicated to everything inbound, known as INBOUND 2015.

As I dug deep into the sessions featured at the conference (to see which ones I suggest, click here), it was obvious that marketing strategy is still underrepresented.

And, as Miley Cyrus stole the show at the VMAs with her marketing strategy, I became aware that she has a lot to teach us about inbound marketing and about applying marketing strategies to inbound.



Killer Content Strategy: Deleting 38,000 Facebook Fans

You probably don’t remember much about what happened on October 18, 2014. Maybe you had a pumpkin spice latte. You could have been wearing a sweater. Who knows?

Here’s something else you probably didn’t know about that specific date: It’s when Copyblogger, one of the most respected and influential players in the world of content strategy and online marketing, killed its own Facebook page.

Basic inbound marketing strategy teaches to get your content in front of your target audience online, and for many companies that audience is on Facebook. So, let’s discuss why Copyblogger nixed its connection to 38,000 Facebook fans and whether that social media tactic is worth considering as part of your content strategy



Overcoming The Perils Of Instagram For B2B Inbound Marketing

Of all the social media platforms in your business’s B2B inbound marketing strategy, Instagram is the trickiest.

After all, it needs to be managed from a mobile device, and it doesn’t allow links back to your site. Every post requires an image, so there’s no way to simply dash off a few educational sentences and move on. Plus, the platform’s demographics are skewed toward younger audiences, which may seem unappealing to companies that assume their prospects are older, more seasoned professionals.

With all this difficulty, is it even worth it for B2B businesses to set up and manage Instagram accounts?

The answer: Absolutely. Learn why, and find out the best ways to incorporate Instagram into your social media engagement strategy for your inbound marketing program.