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Did We Ruin Social Media And Should Inbound Marketing Pros Respond?

Marketers End Up Ruining Everything; Did We Ruin Social Media?

Have you noticed a change in LinkedIn and Facebook specifically? Over the past few months has your feed become cluttered with ads, information from companies and content you either didn’t ask for or don’t remember asking for? I certainly have noticed a major change. I don’t even know some of the people sending me stuff.

It’s a common thought that marketers ruin everything good. I believe Gary Vaynerchuk made this popular, although I think it’s been around for many years. Once marketing gets a hold of anything new and cool, we somehow find a way to ruin it. It appears that might be the case with social media.



Inbound Marketing Helps Social Media Pay-Per-Click Outflank AdWords

Inbound Marketing Needs Better PPC Options Like Social Sites Provide

Inbound marketing has long debated whether pay-per-click is a part of the inbound methodology or not. I’ve been on both sides of the argument more than once. I see this as a gray area, but today, I think we can safely consider pay-per-click (if applied correctly) an inbound tactic.

Yes, technically pay-per-click is interruptive in that you’re pushing ads in front of people. But, here’s where the gray area is your friend: Those people are searching for information related to your ad. In essence, it’s helping you get found, which is a very specific step in the inbound methodology.



Inbound Marketing Prediction #2: Social Media Is The #1 Visitor Source

Inbound Marketing’s Use Of Social Media Fuels Website Visits

Today, over 7 billion (that's billion, with a B) people are on social media sites. This research shows the breakout of users on major social sites and a handful of smaller app sites, like WhatsApp. The major takeaway here is that these people are active and engaged. Some might argue that these people are more engaged than those searching for information on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So, in today’s inbound marketing prediction, we’re going way out on a limb: In 2016, social traffic to your website is going to match or even pass visitor traffic from search engines.

Here’s how you need to adjust your marketing to take advantage of this trend in social.