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Better Social Media Strategy Through Data And Google Analytics

A solid social media strategy, coupled with some basic analytics, is integral to the success of your inbound marketing plan.

You know you have to tweet, post to LinkedIn groups, pin cool stuff to Pinterest boards and whatever else it takes to get your brand’s message in front of your target audience.

Making these social posts is easy. Getting the results you want is hard. The good news? Analyzing your efforts to learn what’s working, what’s not working and why isn’t as hard as it seems.



Overcoming The Perils Of Instagram For B2B Inbound Marketing

Of all the social media platforms in your business’s B2B inbound marketing strategy, Instagram is the trickiest.

After all, it needs to be managed from a mobile device, and it doesn’t allow links back to your site. Every post requires an image, so there’s no way to simply dash off a few educational sentences and move on. Plus, the platform’s demographics are skewed toward younger audiences, which may seem unappealing to companies that assume their prospects are older, more seasoned professionals.

With all this difficulty, is it even worth it for B2B businesses to set up and manage Instagram accounts?

The answer: Absolutely. Learn why, and find out the best ways to incorporate Instagram into your social media engagement strategy for your inbound marketing program.