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Why Social Media Is Seeing A Rebirth As Part Of Account-Based Marketing

The More You Know About Your Targeted People, The Better The Connect Rates

Social media networks are going through a transformation. Some experts think they’re growing up and trying to evolve into what provides the most value to their members. Facebook is leaning into video, while LinkedIn is leaning into business contact management. Who knows what Twitter is leaning into, but that’s a story for another day.

According to DemandGen, 55% of B2B buyers use social networks as part of their purchasing process. This means they’re discussing their needs with other members, visiting company pages and asking about past experiences. Insights and intelligence buried in these social media sites help to make account-based marketing more effective if you can leverage that data as part of your ABM execution plan.



Prediction #4 — Social Media Needs A Major Upgrade To Remain Viable For Inbound Marketing

Marketers Are Ruining Social Media; Expect Results From Social Media Marketing To Be Down In 2017

I think social media marketing is going to need a major upgrade, and by that I mean blow it up and start again. Everybody and their brother is using social media to get the message out and it has become a mess. If it can’t be fixed and retooled, my expectation is that this channel is going to be less and less effective in 2017.

Back in 2014, website visitors from social media were rivaling visitors from organic search engine results. That trend has since stopped and reversed. Today, visitors to our clients’ websites from social media represent a much smaller portion.

I attribute this drop to an abundance of content sprayed haphazardly across all the major social media platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have pushed aggressively to drive revenue through advertising, sponsored updates and promoted content.



Inbound Marketing Helps Social Media Marketing To Be People Focused

People Do Business With People, Not Companies; Keep That In Mind When Building Your Inbound Marketing Program

It’s easy to forget that people ultimately make purchase decisions. Marketers get distracted talking about targets, personas, profiles, demographics, and other segmentation mechanisms. In reality, a person has to emotionally connect with your business and make a decision based on how safe they feel and how acute their pain is at that moment.

Integrating social media into your inbound marketing program gives you an opportunity to refocus your marketing on the people you want to attract to your company. Social media is a very one-to-one and people-oriented marketing tactic.

When used properly, it can be much more than a distribution network for blog articles – it can be an acceleration tactic that fuels your lead generation efforts.



When It Comes To Social Media Marketing, Personality Matters

Inbound Marketing Requires Social Media To Drive Inbound Leads

We just don’t get it as B2B marketers.

We aren’t ready for that level of commitment. We want our space. We just aren’t ready for a close relationship. We’d like to stay friends, but just friends. They deserve better than us. It’s not them, it’s us. Definitely us.

Since we market business-to-business, it’s hard for us to feel the love and loosen up a bit when it comes to marketing, especially on social media. But we don’t have a choice any longer: It’s time for us to either start showing a bit more personality or let our prospects be wooed by the charming competitor across the room.



This Little-Known Inbound Marketing Tactic Closes That One Big Deal

Inbound Marketing And Social PPC Team Up To Produce Massive Results

You’re lucky if your business sells to Fortune 500 or even Fortune 1,000 companies. You know your buyer profile (the type of company you want to attract), and you know your buyer persona (the person within the company who has the buying authority to say, "Yes, we want to hire you." There are many businesses that don’t know the exact company names and the individual people at those companies.

If you do, I have an inbound marketing tactic and campaign idea that will work wonders for introducing you to those people, pulling them into your sphere of influence, getting them to introduce themselves to you and nurturing them right to the bottom of your sales funnel so they become new customers or clients for your business.



Inbound Marketing Helps Social Media Pay-Per-Click Outflank AdWords

Inbound Marketing Needs Better PPC Options Like Social Sites Provide

Inbound marketing has long debated whether pay-per-click is a part of the inbound methodology or not. I’ve been on both sides of the argument more than once. I see this as a gray area, but today, I think we can safely consider pay-per-click (if applied correctly) an inbound tactic.

Yes, technically pay-per-click is interruptive in that you’re pushing ads in front of people. But, here’s where the gray area is your friend: Those people are searching for information related to your ad. In essence, it’s helping you get found, which is a very specific step in the inbound methodology.



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Inbound Marketing Strategy Needs Proper Social Media To Drive Results

Social Media Is A Superhighway For Inbound Marketing Lead Generation

A lot of the inbound marketing agency programs we see have social media as part of their tactical plans, but the use of social media is limited to posting blog articles and improving the visual presentation of the businesss social sites. There is so much more social can do to impact the performance of your inbound marketing program.

Instead of looking at social media as an outlet for content publication, change your perspective to think about social networking sites as sources of new visitors to your website, just like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Here are six ways to turn your social media marketing into a major source of new leads.



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Inbound Marketing Prediction #2: Social Media Is The #1 Visitor Source

Inbound Marketing’s Use Of Social Media Fuels Website Visits

Today, over 7 billion (that's billion, with a B) people are on social media sites. This research shows the breakout of users on major social sites and a handful of smaller app sites, like WhatsApp. The major takeaway here is that these people are active and engaged. Some might argue that these people are more engaged than those searching for information on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So, in today’s inbound marketing prediction, we’re going way out on a limb: In 2016, social traffic to your website is going to match or even pass visitor traffic from search engines.

Here’s how you need to adjust your marketing to take advantage of this trend in social.