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This Little-Known Inbound Marketing Tactic Closes That One Big Deal

Inbound Marketing And Social PPC Team Up To Produce Massive Results

You’re lucky if your business sells to Fortune 500 or even Fortune 1,000 companies. You know your buyer profile (the type of company you want to attract), and you know your buyer persona (the person within the company who has the buying authority to say, "Yes, we want to hire you." There are many businesses that don’t know the exact company names and the individual people at those companies.

If you do, I have an inbound marketing tactic and campaign idea that will work wonders for introducing you to those people, pulling them into your sphere of influence, getting them to introduce themselves to you and nurturing them right to the bottom of your sales funnel so they become new customers or clients for your business.



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Not Sure How To Optimize Social Media? Look To Content For Answers

Social Media Has The Potential To Act As An Accelerant

A lot of inbound marketing agencies are still trying to figure out what to do with social media tactics. Heck, a lot of agencies in general are still trying to figure it out.

What do you do with it?

How do you use it to engage an audience?

How do you build an audience?

Beyond the obvious purchase of a sponsored pay-per-click ad (which does have value from a marketing perspective), what other tactics can we deploy to grab the attention of thousands of potential customers for our clients?

Good news: Some of these answers lie hidden within your content marketing strategy.



Inbound Marketing Has To Be Social If You Want Leads

Socializing your inbound marketing program is one of the more challenging aspects of inbound marketing, but it’s also one of the most important.



Inbound Marketing: Seven Social Media Sucks To Skip Right Over

One thing you find out about inbound marketing pretty early on is that you can waste a lot of time working on stuff that doesn’t contribute to results. The good news? You quickly learn what to stop doing because the results from inbound tactics are in real time.

Social media is one of those areas in which time spent and results don’t always line up. Since most of us are actively involved in trying to leverage social media marketing to deliver lift and leads, it’s a natural starting point for looking at unproductive marketing tasks and stopping them immediately.

Here are some of the time-sucking social tasks that have produced limited or marginal results in our client campaign work.



Which Social Media Network Is Best For B2B Inbound Marketing?

It’s a fair question – and one that a lot of inbound marketing practitioners are asking these days.

While LinkedIn is the obvious choice, there is a good amount of data that indicates Facebook is effective for B2B. Then, there’s Google+ and its connection to search.

So, what’s an inbound person to do?



Why Social Media Is An Inbound Marketing Magnifier

Almost everyone is still trying to figure out how to integrate social media with their inbound marketing programs to optimize performance. We all know it helps, and we all know you need to do it. But, exactly how and in what dose has remained a mystery – until now.

From the research we’ve done with our extensive client work, we've found that social networks function exactly like a magnifier, taking your ordinary results and making them extraordinary. We’ve also found that social marketing works in more than one way, supporting organic search traffic, lengthening the reach of your content and extending its visibility, thereby driving more new visitors to your community.



The Best Social Media Practices To Build Your Business

What would you do if every time you showed up to a party or an event, people turned their backs to you -- they refused to look at you, listen to you or even consider your presence?