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Why Social Media Is Seeing A Rebirth As Part Of Account-Based Marketing

The More You Know About Your Targeted People, The Better The Connect Rates

Social media networks are going through a transformation. Some experts think they’re growing up and trying to evolve into what provides the most value to their members. Facebook is leaning into video, while LinkedIn is leaning into business contact management. Who knows what Twitter is leaning into, but that’s a story for another day.

According to DemandGen, 55% of B2B buyers use social networks as part of their purchasing process. This means they’re discussing their needs with other members, visiting company pages and asking about past experiences. Insights and intelligence buried in these social media sites help to make account-based marketing more effective if you can leverage that data as part of your ABM execution plan.



Social Listening Throughout The Buyer Journey

We talk a lot about the buyer journey, and for good reason – where your prospects encounter your business and what you're saying at those stages are the two most crucial components that guide your customer relationships. To that end, social media platforms have been a major focus for businesses looking to build relationships with their customers on their turf.

Social media marketing, however, is about more than being a member of a social community. Effective social media marketing means you're listening to your prospects and customers, not just spewing out all the content you can muster with the hope that someone cares. Let's take a look at how social listening answers key questions in all the stages of your customer lifecycle.

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