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The Science Of Search Applied As Part Of An Inbound Marketing Program

Inbound Marketing Is A Scientific Method Designed To Drive Leads And Search Is The First Part

Inbound scientist checking in here. I’ve been in the lab most of last week looking at a way to predict website visitors based on a variety of inputs and its coming along brilliantly. The next step is to test our calculations with a variety of clients and prove that the formula works consistently. Stay tuned. But today I want to share how you can apply science to help you get found more frequently on search engines.

Yes, it’s true. There is a science behind search engine optimization, or getting found on the web. The back story to that statement is the effort requires a complex connection of related marketing tactics executed synchronously over a period of time. It also requires a deep dive into the current search analytics, a well-defined SEO strategy and a plan of attack that you stick with and optimize over time.



7 Surefire Ways To Fail At Content Marketing Lead Generation

In The Battle To Drive Revenue And Profits, Content Marketing Is A Critically Important Weapon

Content Marketing Drives RevenueThe content on your web pages, blog posts, landing pages and downloadable educational resources gives you an opportunity to attract prospects, build trust with them and answer questions critical to their buyer journeys. Without content, your digital marketing assets would be a series of empty web pages.

Content is everything. If you fail to make it a cornerstone of your marketing strategy, your lead generation efforts will suffer. Unfortunately, far too many businesses don’t know how to put the right strategy behind their content.

Here are seven surefire ways to fail at content marketing. Work hard to avoid these at all costs.



Inbound Marketing Agency Recognized Among Area's Top SEO Firms

Clutch, An Independent And Verified Review Site, Calls Square 2 Marketing Tops At SEO

Press Release

Conshohocken, PA — Square 2 Marketing, an inbound marketing agency, has been recognized by Clutch as one of the top SEO firms in the Philadelphia area.

We've always been a results-first agency and any rewards or recognition is typically unsolicited and unexpected. At Square 2 Marketing, our biggest rewards come from clients that see dramatic improvements in the amount of leads flowing into their companies from our inbound marketing and search engine optimization efforts.

One lesson we learned early on is that clients want results, and we’ve been delivering results to our clients since 2003, which is a long time in the digital world. While new firms are cropping up all the time and crowding the digital marketing landscape, not many firms are able to stand the test of time. So how has Square 2 Marketing done it? By focusing on one thing: improving revenue generation for our clients.



How To Change Domain Names Like A Champ And Not Lose SEO

There may come a time in your website's life when you wish to change domain names. Whether due to a rebrand or a better URL becoming available, changing domain names is a big decision that requires a great deal of planning.

In today's blog, we are going to run through some critical things to keep in mind when planning your domain name update.



Build A Stronger Local SEO Foundation Using Our Checklists

Whether you’re a local business with a single location or a national entity with multiple locations, you need an SEO strategy that encompasses on-site and off-site tacticson-site and off-site tactics to increase your visibility in local search results.

The guiding principle behind any local SEO strategy is establishing consistent NAP (name, address and phone number) information and business focus (industry categories and keywords) across the online landscape, beginning with your website and extending through the local search ecosystem.



What We Talk About When We Talk About Keyword Intent

Editor's Note: Mike is off blog duty this week. We'll be featuring blog posts authored by a few other members of the Square 2 Marketing team. Happy reading!

Delivering the right pieces of content to the right people at particular stops in the online buying journey requires thoughtful consideration around keyword intent.

Failing to understand the intent behind the keyword you’re trying to rank for means developing the wrong kind of content. You’ll never gain the traction you want in search and likely never reach your target personas. Even if you do, you’ll likely leave them looking for a better match — the right match.



On-Site Vs. Off-Site SEO: How To Cover Both With Inbound Marketing

We get requests from authors to post their guest blog articles here almost every week. We evaluate those articles and, as you know, rarely accept them, but this one was especially strong. So, here is a guest blog article from George Zlatin, President and Director of Operations at Digital Third Coast.

Here’s the dilemma: You’ve been pumping out post after post on your company’s blog, but it feels like no one’s listening. You’ve got great content on your site, but the site doesn’t rank well in search engines. You’re making the fundamental effort upfront, but it’s not translating to results for your business. Now what? 

I’ve been running an SEO agency in Chicago for close to 10 years. In recent years, we’ve used HubSpot to manage our inbound marketing, and the results have been great. I’ve seen firsthand the power of good, comprehensive SEO practices and how they’re essential for setting up inbound marketing success. I promise, if you can figure out the search engine optimization strategy upfront, your inbound efforts will be much more effective at driving quality traffic and increasing sales. 



How Amazon Is Changing The Way You Use Inbound Marketing To Get Found

More On The Future Of SEO And Inbound Marketing’s Ability To Leverage It

A few days ago, we published an article on the future of SEO. It discussed how inbound marketing is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the fast pace of change within this very important marketing tactic.

Your ability be found is critical to your search engine optimization strategies for driving people to your website and turning those people into leads for your business.

However, the future might be closer than you think. Today, there are devices on the market that are already shaping the future of search and already impacting your ability to drive visitors to your site.



5 Errors Killing Your Content Marketing Blog Strategy

Content marketing is a crucial component to your inbound marketing strategy.

Blogs form the cornerstone of any good content marketing program. By adding pages to your website and using keywords related to your business, they support your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. They also give you a great opportunity to offer helpful information to prospects in the awareness phase of their buyer’s journey.

However, when done incorrectly, blogs may derail your entire inbound marketing content strategy before it’s able to have any positive impact. To get the most out of your content marketing blog strategy, avoid the five critical errors below.



CRO And SEO Are Both Critical To Inbound Marketing Success

CRO, CMS, CTA, PPC, SEO … sometimes the marketing world seems like a nonstop barrage of acronyms and buzzwords. If you’re not reading marketing blogs like this one every day, it’s easy to feel a little lost.

Too many people get overwhelmed by this and make the mistake of just learning the latest trendy acronym, shifting all of their marketing efforts to it and ignoring everything else.

Lately, people are buzzing about conversion rate optimization (CRO), which is a strategy centered around adjusting website content in order to increase the percentage of leads converted on any given page. It’s a good strategy, a great one even.

However, you don’t want to shift all of your efforts away from other approaches such as search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing in favor of conversion optimization. In fact, both SEO and CRO are actually just essential parts of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. To get the best outcomes, you need to make these approaches work together.

Here are a few ways to integrate CRO and SEO into your inbound marketing campaign.