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Packages: A Non-Starter In Your Search For An Inbound Marketing Agency

How Can You Be Agile If You Bought A Package Of Deliverables?

You want to hire an inbound marketing agency. You’re doing your due diligence by looking at websites, downloading content, scrolling through reviews and checking the partner tiers on HubSpot. You’re making all of the right moves.

But it’s still confusing. They all sound good. They all look similar. They all seem, on the surface, to be able to deliver what you need. But all agencies are not created equally, and bigger doesn’t make them better. Having Diamond Partner status doesn’t make them better. Being Agile doesn’t make them better and using points doesn’t make them better. Even though this describes us, it’s not what makes us better.

What you should be looking for is a team of highly skilled, highly experienced people who work within a framework that is tested and proven to do only one thing — get you results.



Data-Driven Digital Agency Drives Results, Signs 4 New Clients In March

Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Demand Generation And Lead Nurturing Engagements Are Still Hot

It’s rare that we feature our own successes in the blog. However, the pace of change is quickly accelerating in the marketing and sales area, and it makes sense to share what companies are hiring us to help them with. Their thinking might be important to you as you assess your company’s need to drive your own revenue growth.

This article features four different clients, with four different types of requirements, and explains how we’re helping them meet those requirements along with the thought process those organizations went through to assess their needs and come up with their game plans.



Why Packaged Pricing Is A Signal You're Considering The Wrong Inbound Marketing Agency

Do You Feel Like You Fit Into A Pre-Configured Box? Why Should Your Inbound Marketing Program?

Is your business unique? Is your industry special? Are aspects of your company different than your competitors? Do you have an individual perspective on your business that needs to come out in your marketing? Of course!

If I’ve learned anything over the past 14 years running Square 2 Marketing, its that no client fits into any specific package or program.

Then why do inbound marketing agencies insist on publishing packaged pricing? Why do they think you should fit into their fast, faster, fastest or silver, gold, platinum packages? How can they predict results associated with different levels before even talking to you? The short answer is they can’t predict anything and these packages are poor attempts to make the sales process easier for them.



Hiring An Inbound Marketing Agency? 7 Signs You're On The Right Track

Many Inbound Marketing Agencies Look And Sound Similar; Here’s How To Identify The Winners

Ask HubSpot how many agencies are in its partner program and the answer is going to be somewhere around 3,400. That means you have at least that many inbound agencies to choose from. If you’ve made the decision to work with an agency and inbound marketing is at the core of your marketing strategy, this is the pool you’ll be fishing in.

The big challenge is how to find the best of the best in this sea of digital agencies that all look and sound very similar. There’s a lid for every pot, and in this case, there’s an agency for every company looking for one.

Here are seven important signs to look for to help you find the right agency for your company and one aligned with your business goals.



Small, Medium Or Large? Which Inbound Marketing Agency Is Right For You?

There’s The Right Size Inbound Marketing Agency For Every Company

We’re not right for every company. Not a day goes by without us passing on an opportunity because it’s not the right fit for our inbound marketing agency. That doesn’t make me feel bad; it makes me feel great. Our goal is to earn raving fan status from our clients, and if a prospect isn’t going to be a raving fan, we’re not interested in the engagement.

You should be thinking about finding an inbound marketing agency in the same way. If you don’t think your business goals are going to be achieved by working with the agencies youre considering, then you’re looking at the wrong agencies.

But how do you know what you’re looking for? This is probably your first inbound agency search, and even if you’ve hired traditional or even digital agencies in the past, inbound is a whole new ball game.



Inbound Marketing Is Hard Work, So Take A Break On Labor Day

Yes, It’s Hard Work Getting Results From Your Inbound Marketing Efforts, But When You Do, The Payoff Is Huge

I usually take a break from blogging when there's a weekday holiday, but this year I thought a short reflection on the work and the rewards associated with inbound marketing would be timely and relevant.

Anyone tell you, "Inbound marketing is going to be easy"? Anyone tell you, "Don’t worry about anything, we’ll take care of everything"? Anyone tell you, "We can get you results in a week or two"? Anyone tell you, "All you need to do is buy this software"? Of course they have, because people will tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to say "yes" to their recommendations.

Unfortunately, now that most of you have been doing inbound, working with an inbound marketing agency or playing around with inbound marketing software, you’ve started to realize that this is much harder than you expected it to be.



One Question To Uncover If An Inbound Marketing Agency Is Capable Of Delivering Results

Finding An Inbound Marketing Agency That Drives Inbound Marketing Results Isn’t Easy

I love writing about trends, and one trend I see is businesses struggling to make the right choice when selecting their inbound marketing agency.

Yesterday, I wrote about a vetting process that’s different than most but one that’s designed to test an agency’s ability to deliver. Today, I’m giving you that one secret question I know you’re not asking that will uncover an agency's true colors.




A New Way To Find An Inbound Marketing Agency For Your Business

Stop Asking For Referrals, References Or Reviewing Case Studies And Start Asking Hard Questions

There are more than 2,000 inbound marketing agencies on the planet. So if you want to hire one, what’s the best way to wade through all the hocus pocus and find one that can actually do what it says?

Directories? Nope. References? Negative. Case studies and success stories? Definitely no! Asking software vendors? No again. What about the old RFP process? No, no and still no.

Why? These methods have always worked before. Directories? Anyone can get in these directories. The screening process is shoddy at best and the agencies provide the data. Rarely is there any validation of what’s being submitted.



Can Your Inbound Marketing Agency Get You Leads In One Week?

The Better You Get At Inbound, The Faster You Can Perform

For years I’ve been writing and talking about how patient you have to be, how long it takes, how challenging it is, how complex inbound is and why the leads come slowly over time. While I still believe that, we’ve also found that our effort to innovate the delivery of actual inbound marketing results reveals that in certain circumstances it's possible to get leads in a much faster and much shorter time frame.

Why is this so interesting? With so many inbound marketing agencies, a lot of people are telling businesses a lot of stories about inbound. You'll find many proposed solutions in several different formats and configurations. There are even more agencies offering unsustainable and massive amounts of work for very little money. This is making it difficult for business owners and CEOs to make a decision about how to get an inbound marketing program for their companies.



What's The Right Relationship For You And Your Inbound Marketing Agency?

Vendor, Partner, Guide, Trusted Adviser Or Friend? It's Complicated

You probably never considered this. When it comes to evaluating agencies, none of the e-books, whitepapers or blog articles ever talk about the kind of relationship you want to have with your inbound marketing agency.

Yet we think it’s so important that we’ve opted out of engagements when the right relationship wasn’t present. Now it’s a big part of what we screen for in the sales process. In many cases it’s been the difference between amazing results and modest results for our clients.