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How To Conduct An Inbound Marketing Scientific Experiment

Knowing How To Test Inbound Marketing Tactics Produces Better Results

If you’re doing marketing correctly, all of your conversations should have an element of data, metrics, numbers and quantitative analysis associated with them. There are no more questions like, “Did it work? Is it working?” You know, beyond a shadow of a doubt. The numbers show you. The science of inbound marketing ensures you know if your marketing is either working as expected, working but less than expected or not working at all.

But knowing what’s working is just the first step. The real secret to inbound marketing results, demand generation and frankly any type of marketing is being able to make improvements over time. The methodology for making constructive and productive improvements is not random adjustments in the hope that the numbers improve but rather a scientific method of testing.



The Science Of Websites: Part Of An Inbound Marketing Program

It Takes Science To Create A Website That Gets Found And Converts Visitors Into Leads

As a continuation of The Science Of Inbound Marketing Series, today we focus on your website and your website metrics. This is the cornerstone of your inbound marketing program and one of the consistently weak areas for most of the clients that start working with us.

Before we start applying science to help you get found more frequently, drive visitors to the site and then turn those visitors into leads, let’s quickly look at some of the most common ways your current website might be hurting your lead generation efforts.

One of the first issues we see is the site is all about you, instead of being all about your prospects. It shouldn’t be an electronic brochure for your business. Instead, change your perspective and think about creating an educational hub for all the information your prospects would need to make a smart, safe purchase decision. That’s what your site should feel like.



The Science Of Inbound Marketing: Demand Generation Demystified

Data-Driven Marketing Is Thriving, Creating A New Science Around Producing Results From Inbound Marketing

At Square 2 Marketing, one of our core values is “practice what we preach. We are constantly testing different ways to execute inbound marketing with the goal being demand generation for our own business. When you notice changes in our execution, you can be sure it’s part of an experiment we’re running.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing a few science-oriented blog articles on inbound marketing. The goal is to improve rankings, drive views and convert readers into leads. We had one on search and one on engagement metrics, and in full transparency, the views and conversion rates on these articles have been almost double our “regular” articles.