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The Science Of Inbound Marketing: Demand Generation Demystified

Data-Driven Marketing Is Thriving, Creating A New Science Around Producing Results From Inbound Marketing

At Square 2 Marketing, one of our core values is “practice what we preach. We are constantly testing different ways to execute inbound marketing with the goal being demand generation for our own business. When you notice changes in our execution, you can be sure it’s part of an experiment we’re running.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing a few science-oriented blog articles on inbound marketing. The goal is to improve rankings, drive views and convert readers into leads. We had one on search and one on engagement metrics, and in full transparency, the views and conversion rates on these articles have been almost double our “regular” articles.



The Science Of Search Applied As Part Of An Inbound Marketing Program

Inbound Marketing Is A Scientific Method Designed To Drive Leads And Search Is The First Part

Inbound scientist checking in here. I’ve been in the lab most of last week looking at a way to predict website visitors based on a variety of inputs and its coming along brilliantly. The next step is to test our calculations with a variety of clients and prove that the formula works consistently. Stay tuned. But today I want to share how you can apply science to help you get found more frequently on search engines.

Yes, it’s true. There is a science behind search engine optimization, or getting found on the web. The back story to that statement is the effort requires a complex connection of related marketing tactics executed synchronously over a period of time. It also requires a deep dive into the current search analytics, a well-defined SEO strategy and a plan of attack that you stick with and optimize over time.



Science Reveals The Complexity Of Inbound Marketing Demand Generation

Data Tells You Everything You Need To Know About How Marketing Produces Leads

We had an excellent kick-off meeting on Friday with our newest client, Stagen Leadership Academy, and one of the sessions included me showing them the science of search and its impact on demand generation. Stagen’s business is advanced leadership training for CEOs with a passion for becoming better leaders.



What Does A Chief Inbound Marketing SCIENTIST Do In A Major Snow Storm?

Inbound Marketing Experiments, Of Course

Like the 80 million other folks who managed through the blizzard of 2016 this weekend, I had a lot of time on my hands. So, what did I do? I ran some inbound marketing experiments. I thought it might be fun to share a few of those with you today.

We won’t have the data on the experiments yet. I usually let them run for between one week and four weeks, depending on the data sets. But, you’ll at least get a glimpse into the mind of an inbound marketing scientist, something very few people ever have.

Here are a couple of my favorite experiments.



The Science Of Inbound Marketing – New Tools Emerge For Testing

Almost all aspects of your inbound marketing effort are 100% measurable these days.

This is great news for CEOs, business owners and marketing executives who are looking for a way to quantify the results of their marketing efforts.

More important, once you start quantifying what works and what doesn't, you’re in an amazing position to make improvements to your performance and ensure that your marketing is getting better week over week and month over month.

Here are a couple of tests and some tools to help achieve that state of scientific marketing for your website design.



The Smelly Side Of Neuromarketing: Enticing Your Prospects’ Noses

 It’s not your prospects’ responsibility to know what they want and need. As marketers, CEOs and entrepreneurs, it’s our job to not only know our prospects pains, but also to show the rational and emotional reasons that our products and services solve or ease these pains. Welcome to the third post in our ongoing neuromarketing blog discussion.



Neuromarketing: “Out Of The Box,” But In Line With Inbound

 Yesterday, we introduced you to a recently budding subculture in the marketing arena, neuromarketing: the process of researching brain patterns of consumers to reveal their genuine, immediate responses to particular advertisements and marketing messages.