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Inbound Sales: Tell Your Story So Your Prospect Is The Hero

If you're moving from a traditional sales process to an inbound sales process, you need to shift the focus within the stories you tell.

Most companies try to make their own business or product the hero, but with inbound sales, you have to make your prospect the hero.

Not sure what I mean by that? Well, when you talk to prospects, what's the focus of your story? Is it your company, your product, you? If you’re telling prospects, “Don’t worry. What we do will save the day,” you’re making YOU the hero of the story. What we’re suggesting is that you change the focus to, “Don’t worry. After we’re finished, you’re going to look like a star for bringing us in.” Now, your prospect is the hero.

This might seem subtle or even inconsequential, but to your prospects, it means everything. Making them the hero gets them involved emotionally. And if you’ve been listening, you know that people buy emotionally first and rationalize second.



Social Media Is The Inbound Sales Person’s Secret Weapon

Look around: The world of sales and marketing is changing so fast that even an inbound marketing agency like ours has to work hard to stay on the cutting edge. It’s even harder for our clients to stay current.

For example, Wednesday’s blog article had a tip for sales people on how to use social media marketing tools, like Twitter, to close deals.

We got such a positive response and higher-than-normal shares that we thought a follow-up article on social media and inbound sales would be well received.

So, here are a few ways that your sales people should be using a more proactive social media strategy to connect with prospects, move deals along faster and hit their revenue goals more consistently.



Turn Your Ho-Hum Trade Show Into An Inbound Marketing Event

Many of you still make trade shows a key part of your marketing strategy.

Did you know that there is a way to turn this traditional, interruptive outbound marketing tactic into a highly effective inbound marketing tactic?

Think about the traditional trade show experience from your perspective. You sign up months in advance and try to be clever by selecting the right spot on the show floor. Maybe you even go for one of their sponsorship packages to give your business some extra "exposure." Your team shows up the night before to get the booth set up, arrives five minutes before the show starts, stands around until the show ends and then packs up and goes home.



How Video Marketing Eliminates The Need For References

“Get me some references, and we can get the deal done.”

How many times have you heard that line over the past few years? It’s usually the last road block thrown up by prospects to make you jump through one more hoop and give them a little more time to make up their mind. Why do they need to talk to people who are obviously going to give you good reviews?

Remember, your prospects never say yes to your proposal until they feel safe. Talking with your references is one of the most traditional ways prospects work to feel safe before hiring you or buying your stuff.

The good news is that there's a better way: video marketing.



6 Ways Lead Nurturing Helps Close Sales

 Please don’t have your sales people calling over and over again asking your poor prospects if they are ready to buy. How do you feel when people call you asking this ridiculous question? What about when they ask if they can come out and see you? Why? If you want to buy something, you will let them know, right?



Fire Your Sales Team Today!

You read it right, fire all your sales people today, right now. Call them into the conference room and fire them. Regardless if they are at, over or below target; fire them today because your prospects don't want to be sold to anymore.



6 Ways Your Marketing Strategy Must Be Tied Together

 The days when you could run an email campaign, pay-per-click program or simply have a stand-alone website or Facebook page are over.  If your marketing strategy isn't integrated, it is bound to fail.



6.5 Secret Ways Marketing Strategy Helps Convert Leads To Sales

While marketing and sales are often at odds on the details, they both have the company’s best interests in mind, even if their approaches are slightly different.  Here are 6.5 secret ways marketing can help sales close more business and drive company revenue.



Stories Must be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

 Arming your sales team with stories will impact the performance of your marketing program.  Your sales team has to stop selling and start guiding.  This means having the stories and using these stories at the right time to help your prospects know, like and trust you.


The 4 Stages Of Your New Sales And Marketing Funnel

describe the imageWe need some new vocabullary to understand the new sales and marketing funnel.  Marketing has become a science with the tools necessary to impact each part of the funnel.  But before we look at the new funnel math, we need to establish new vocabulary that matches funnel metrics.  Below are the four key terms used to describe people as they flow through and in or out of the sales and marketing funnel.