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The 6 Virtues Of Highly Effective Inbound Sales Guides

The Era Of The ‘Killer Salesman’ Is Dead; Long Live The Inbound Sales Guide

Is this a familiar situation?

You’re at a car dealership, starting your search for what represents a major investment for you and your family. You’ve done a bit of research online, but you want to see the vehicle you’re considering in person.

A salesman approaches. You politely explain that you’re just looking and not ready to buy. You just have a few questions.

He’s happy to help. He invites you back into the sales office to get you some information. Before you know it, you’re being bombarded with increasingly aggressive pleas to buy the car now — right now. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime deal. You’ll regret it if you walk away now. He’ll even throw in floor mats.

That salesman is looking at you like prey. He’s targeted you and is just itching to kill. He’s triggering your fight (buy) or flight instincts. If you’re like most buyers in 2016, you choose flight. You’re turned off by the whole experience. You may still buy the car you were looking at, but not from that salesman or that dealership.



Inbound Marketing Produced Leads But We're Not Closing Them. Now What?

Inbound Marketing Needs Inbound Sales To Work

Now that you’re getting leads from inbound marketing it might be time to upgrade your old-school sales process to match your new-school marketing. Better yet, if you’re in the middle of moving to inbound, do your company a big favor and work on inbound sales now instead of waiting to realize you’re not great at closing inbound leads.

Your prospects don’t know the difference between sales and marketing. All they know is that they’re in the middle of an experience with your company. If that experience suddenly feels different to them, they’re going to go underground, they’re going to stop replying and they’re going to slow down the entire sales process. If this sounds familiar, you might have an issue.

No worries. Inbound sales is designed to continue the inbound marketing experience for people who have found their way down into the very bottom of the funnel and asked to speak with your salespeople.



What Is Inbound Sales?

If You Can’t Close Your Inbound Marketing Leads, What’s The Point Of Marketing?

If youre hip to inbound marketing, you’ve probably heard about inbound sales. While I write mostly about inbound marketing, we have had an occasional article about inbound sales. So, what is it? What makes it different from regular sales, and how should you be thinking about sales in the future?

The main difference between inbound and the sales strategy you’ve probably been working with is the approach behind the methodology. Instead of trying to sell something, convince your prospects to buy from you or try to control the sales process, inbound is designed around the new way buyers want to buy.



Why Sales (Not Marketing) Is In Charge Of Nurturing Dormant Leads

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