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Missing The Sales Gene? Inbound Sales Is Perfect For You!

You know that person who walks into a room and feels 100% comfortable strolling up to a perfect stranger and launching into a deep and meaningful conversation? It's that same person who could convince an Eskimo to by ice cream. We all know people like this, and most of them are in sales.

But, there's a ton of other people in sales who are missing this elusive “sales gene,” and for some unknown reason, they are still wildly successful. Well, the mystery is finally over: They’ve been practicing inbound sales, probably without even knowing it.

For the first time, we’ve uncovered what this means and how you, as a business owner, CEO, marketing executive or sales leader, can take advantage of this new knowledge.



Inbound Sales: Tell Your Story So Your Prospect Is The Hero

If you're moving from a traditional sales process to an inbound sales process, you need to shift the focus within the stories you tell.

Most companies try to make their own business or product the hero, but with inbound sales, you have to make your prospect the hero.

Not sure what I mean by that? Well, when you talk to prospects, what's the focus of your story? Is it your company, your product, you? If you’re telling prospects, “Don’t worry. What we do will save the day,” you’re making YOU the hero of the story. What we’re suggesting is that you change the focus to, “Don’t worry. After we’re finished, you’re going to look like a star for bringing us in.” Now, your prospect is the hero.

This might seem subtle or even inconsequential, but to your prospects, it means everything. Making them the hero gets them involved emotionally. And if you’ve been listening, you know that people buy emotionally first and rationalize second.



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