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Your Sales Process Is Repelling Great Prospects

Inbound Sales Removes All The Barriers To Saying 'Yes'

I’m a huge movie fan and one of my favorites is "Tommy Boy." Not because it’s a classic (we all know it’s not), but it’s the classic honesty bumbler makes good at sales, and there are a number of truly poetic scenes in this movie that ring true in today’s hyper sales environment.

Tommy is sitting with his pal in the customer’s office. The customer has a model car on his desk and Tommy picks it up to explain how he keeps ruining their sales opportunities because he’s trying too hard. What looks like a great opportunity is spoiled because he asks the wrong question, pays the wrong compliment or tells the wrong joke — he’s trying to sell, instead of just being himself.

While this is a classic scene and a funny movie, it gives me the opportunity to talk about your salespeople, your sales process, your sales experience and how right now it’s causing your prospects to run for the hills. Inbound sales might be the answer.



Inbound Marketing: You Can Check In Anytime You Want, But You Should Never Leave

Considering Inbound Marketing? Either Go All In Or Don’t Go At All

In a shout-out to the Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey, who passed away yesterday, I wanted to give you a perspective on inbound marketing that might not be something people talk about openly. In our experience, the CEOs and marketing execs who bring us in often have a short-term perspective on their marketing approach.

What I mean by that is they know what they did last year didn’t work like they expected, but they don’t know what else to do. So, they consider “trying” inbound marketing. The verb “trying” has the connotation that they’ll do it for a while and see what happens. This feels a little like an audition to us.

Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach.



Inbound Marketing Strategy And Inbound Sales Strategy Must Be Seamless

One Remarkable Inbound Experience Starts With A Click And Ends With A Close

Today’s prospects are pickier than ever before. They know what they want, and they want it now. They know they’re in control of the buying process. Inbound marketing and inbound sales are the two methodologies that seem to understand this dramatic change in buyer behavior.

Don’t take my word for it. In a study sponsored by Google and CEB, they identified that 57% of the traditional sales process has evaporated. This means information that typically was doled out by sales reps is now found by buyers during their own searching and research. This offers you a tremendous opportunity if you’re prepared to help them with their new buyer journey.

Here are the new steps required to create a click-to-close inbound experience that converts visitors into revenue.



Why You Need Inbound Sales To Go With Inbound Marketing

It’s Not Enough To Get Leads From Inbound Marketing If You Can’t Turn Them Into Revenue

Inbound is a major buzzword, with events, magazines and a slew of new inbound marketing agencies getting into the game.

Did you know that inbound sales is just as important as inbound marketing?

It doesn’t matter how well your new lead-generation effort works if your sales team can’t turn that interest into new customers and revenue for your business.



The Sales Playbook Is Broken And Inbound Sales Can Fix It

Buyer behavior has changed and the way you sell to your prospects has to catch up quickly. Your prospects don’t read your unsolicited emails, they don’t answer your phone calls and they definitely don’t read your mail. So what do you do?

The answer is inbound sales: an approach that perfectly matches a sales methodology to the way buyers want you to work with them. Here’s a collection of challenges with today’s sales playbook and how inbound sales fixes them.



Why Inbound Marketing Won’t Drive Revenue Without Inbound Sales

Business owners, CEOs, CMOs and VPs of Sales are hypnotized by the promise of leads from inbound marketing. But, "getting leads" isn't really what they want, is it? What they actually want is revenue. They want new revenue, revenue growth, new customers – and a lot of them.

Meeting after meeting, prospects tell us stories of their 50% close rate: “Just get me the leads, and we’ll close them.” Then, the leads start coming in, and they’re not prepared to take them through any reasonable process.

Worse yet, we’ve created this amazing educational experience for prospects, which gets them to WANT to talk to your sales people, and then all you want to do is pressure them to buy. That approach doesn’t match how people buy today.



How Inbound Sales Helps Navigate Today’s Highly Complicated Sales Maze

Forget the traditional sales funnel. It’s gone. Today, people don’t flow down a V-shaped pipe.

Instead, they work their way through a maze, creating their own personal buyer journey, which is impacted by any number of internal and external influences. 

The goal of your inbound marketing and inbound sales efforts must evolve, too. Your sales people and the marketing you’re creating must be strategic in order to help your prospects navigate through that maze.

You need to be there at the converging paths and help them make the right decision – left, right or straight.

If you’re not sure how to do that, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Most of the world is also grappling with this change. While it appeared to have happened overnight, this change has been going on for a long time. It’s only now that people are talking about it.



Inbound Sales Teaches You To Know What Your Prospects Want

One of the most famous quotes in marketing comes from Harvard Business School professor Theodore Levitt: “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want to buy a quarter-inch hole.”

I think this applies to inbound marketing and, by extension, inbound sales as well. More importantly, this concept should be affecting how you teach your clients about inbound.

Here are a couple of practical examples. Then, we’ll illustrate how your marketing and sales approaches might have to be shifted accordingly.



Missing The Sales Gene? Inbound Sales Is Perfect For You!

You know that person who walks into a room and feels 100% comfortable strolling up to a perfect stranger and launching into a deep and meaningful conversation? It's that same person who could convince an Eskimo to by ice cream. We all know people like this, and most of them are in sales.

But, there's a ton of other people in sales who are missing this elusive “sales gene,” and for some unknown reason, they are still wildly successful. Well, the mystery is finally over: They’ve been practicing inbound sales, probably without even knowing it.

For the first time, we’ve uncovered what this means and how you, as a business owner, CEO, marketing executive or sales leader, can take advantage of this new knowledge.



How Inbound Sales Pairs Perfectly With Inbound Marketing

The changes in buyer behavior have dramatically altered how we should be thinking about marketing our companies, and inbound marketing is the perfect methodology.

But, what about how we sell? How different is sales from marketing, and don’t we need to change our thinking about sales, too?