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10 Sales Process Improvements For Today To Close More Deals Tomorrow

The Difference Between Sales Success And Sales Failure Is Your Process

In a recent study done by our team at Square 2 Marketing, we polled 20 of our newest clients to ask them why they chose us. Expecting to hear our Diamond-level status, experience with HubSpot, team background and client portfolio as reasons, instead we learned that 78% of them selected us because of our sales process and the people they met during the sales process.

Interesting. If this holds true for your business (and I’m thinking it does), then the best use of your time is to upgrade your process immediately to provide a better and even more remarkable inbound sales experience for your prospects.



The Big 3: You Need These New Roles For Revenue Generation Marketing

Demand Generation With Inbound Marketing Tactics Requires These Roles To Produce Results

Youre ready to tackle the complexities of today’s revenue growth challenges. You get it. You know it’s not about marketing or sales; its about revenue. You see how demand generation focuses on getting people aware of your company and you see how inbound marketing earns the attention of people in an active search mode.

But you probably also see that the work needing to get done is complex and requires an entirely new set of skills. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll hire a new graduate, turn them loose and have them immediately building your funnel model, creating content, contributing to your stories, optimizing your website, using technology and impacting results in the first month.



9 Ways Your Sales People Turn Off Prospects So They Never Buy From You

You might be surprised to know how many land mines exist in the sales process. In fact, there are many more chances for your sales people to blow it with a prospect than for them to impress.

Getting people to say yes, whether it’s to a $50 monthly subscription or a $500,000 technology sale, is complex in its own right.

It comes down to this: Are your people telling your prospects everything they need, when they need it, so they feel safe hiring your firm?

Here are nine ways your sales people might be blowing it during your sales process, and how they should adjust their activities to move all of your prospective clients forward.



Your Old-School Sales People Are Wasting Your Inbound Marketing Leads

We see it almost every week. The inbound marketing program is generating leads – not only marketing-qualified leads for people at the top of the funnel, but also sales-qualified opportunities who want to talk to your sales team about doing business with you. The challenge is that you’re still not closing those opportunities, and revenue isn’t moving up and to the right.

The issue isn’t with your marketing. It’s with your sales. You don’t want to sell; you want to guide and advise.