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7 Key Metrics For Scalable Revenue Generation

What Gets Measured Gets Done When It Comes To Revenue Generation And Growth

Hope is not a strategy. You can’t hope you close that big deal. You can’t hope you hit your numbers this month or this quarter. Hope is a recipe for missing your goals. Instead of hoping, start applying energy directly toward the areas where your revenue generation is faltering.

To know where to apply energy and what to work on, you need to have 100% visibility into your entire funnel, from the top (people who come to your website) to the bottom (the proposals or recommendations you’re submitting and the percentage of people who say yes at this stage).

The more people you have participating in the marketing and sales effort, the more complicated building a scalable revenue machine is going to be. But by empowering these people with direction and focus, you can impact revenue in short order.



Inbound Sales Is Just As Important As Inbound Marketing

Many, many clients ask us about their sales process. They know it’s not perfect, but they don’t know how to fix it, adjust it or upgrade it. Inbound marketing holds the answer to that question. Just like we build marketing messaging based on the needs of your prospects, you have to build your sales process based on the needs of your prospects as well.