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What Is Sales Enablement?

How Does Sales Enablement Help Me Generate Consistent Revenue Growth?

I get it; marketing and sales consultants have a tendency to use a lot of fancy jargon. To some of you this might be one of those terms, but understanding what sales enablement means might also be the difference between missing your revenue goals and exceeding them, this year and next year.

Forrester, the research company, defines sales enablement as “a strategic, ongoing process that equips all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with the right set of customer stakeholders at each stage of the customers problem-solving lifecycle to optimize the return of investment of the selling system.” Wow, that’s fancy.

Let’s keep trying. HubSpot offers a definition of sales enablement. They consider it the technology, processes and content that empowers sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher velocity. That’s pretty good, but still a little technical for my tastes.



Fire Your Sales Team Today!

Why Rethinking Your Revenue Generation Strategy Might Be Your Best Option

I know, it sounds dramatic. When we wrote the book Fire Your Sales Team Today” we were hoping the title would grab everyone’s attention. Who hasn’t considered firing poor-performing salespeople? But that was not our intent. Our intent was to have you fire your sales team and then rehire them immediately under a different mandate: Guide instead of sell!

We wrote that book several years ago, and today it’s probably more relevant than ever before. Your buyers are behaving in dramatically different ways, yet most companies are still running sales and marketing playbooks from the 1990s. It’s time to toss those playbooks in the trash and start again with a “click-to-close” system that attracts prospects to you, converts them from visitor into lead, actively nurtures them from lead to sales opportunity and then efficiently helps them understand why your company is the only one they need to select.

This revenue generation machine is scalable, predictable, repeatable and efficient at producing a regular flow of leads, sales opportunities and new customers.



10 Sales Process Improvements For Today To Close More Deals Tomorrow

The Difference Between Sales Success And Sales Failure Is Your Process

In a recent study done by our team at Square 2 Marketing, we polled 20 of our newest clients to ask them why they chose us. Expecting to hear our Diamond-level status, experience with HubSpot, team background and client portfolio as reasons, instead we learned that 78% of them selected us because of our sales process and the people they met during the sales process.

Interesting. If this holds true for your business (and I’m thinking it does), then the best use of your time is to upgrade your process immediately to provide a better and even more remarkable inbound sales experience for your prospects.



Using CRM And Marketing Automation Software For Inbound Sales Success

You’ve got sales and revenue goals to hit. Should you invest your resources in sales or marketing? That’s a bit like asking whether you should breathe or drink water.

Once upon a time, sales and marketing operated in different silos. Marketing worked to attract leads, while sales took the leads marketing handed off. Neither side had much insight into the other’s methods or processes.

Until relatively recently, that’s also been the case for the software that powers sales and marketing. Marketers used marketing automation software platforms like HubSpot or Marketo to post content and capture lead information. Sales, in turn, used customer relationship management (CRM) software to keep a database of prospects and customers, as well as to log interactions with those prospects.



Why Sales (Not Marketing) Is In Charge Of Nurturing Dormant Leads

 Today's post is courtesy of John Fakatselis, COO at Accent Technologies. His firm offers powerful sales and marketing solutions that help you engage buying teams, differentiate from competitors and win more deals.