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How To Shorten Your Sales Cycle By 2 Weeks And Improve Revenue By 25%

You Think You Have A New Customer, They’re About To Sign And Then They Go Underground

Does this sound familiar? It’s happened to almost all of us. This behavior doesn’t mean you’re not getting the deal, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you or want to work with you and it doesn’t mean they changed their mind. But it does mean your sales process is allowing this to happen, and maybe even causing it.

Working on your sales strategy, tracking the metrics associated with sales, and continuously identifying weak spots and adding improvements is how you dramatically improve your company’s ability to increase top-line revenue and do it in a scalable, repeatable and predictable way.

By eliminating friction in the sales process, you’ll help execute the process more quickly and increase close rates, driving revenue generation up and to the right.



How Many Different Kinds Of Inbound Marketing Leads Are There?

Inbound Marketing Leads Come In All Shapes And Sizes; Does It Matter?

It used to be a lead was a lead. But today there are all different types of leads. Does it matter? Should we care? Should a salesperson ignore certain types of leads to focus on other types of leads? Are some more valuable than others? Who knows?

Good news, we know. Since it’s the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and at least most of you are looking past today’s work and toward either the beach, BBQ or backyard beer, let’s keep today’s article short and on the light side.

Inbound leads come in a variety of flavors. Here are a few of the most popular types of leads and what you should consider doing with each type.



Inbound Sales Is Just As Important As Inbound Marketing

Many, many clients ask us about their sales process. They know it’s not perfect, but they don’t know how to fix it, adjust it or upgrade it. Inbound marketing holds the answer to that question. Just like we build marketing messaging based on the needs of your prospects, you have to build your sales process based on the needs of your prospects as well.