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Why You Need To Align Sales And Marketing This Afternoon

Maybe You Can’t Get Everyone Aligned This Afternoon, But You Can Make The Commitment To Alignment

This question about sales and marketing finally working together has been taxing executives for years. Sales hates marketing and marketing hates sales. This must change, and it has to change for one good reason: The prospect has changed.

Today, your prospects are everything. Their buyer behavior and their buyer journey must be 100% aligned with your marketing and sales execution. If your typical prospect life cycle and buyer journey is two weeks, then you should match that with sales and marketing. If its nine months, you should be matching that, too. If they need a ton of education, match it. If they need to be intimate with the creation of your recommendations, give it to them. The only way to truly deliver a remarkable experience to your prospects is to align, combine and completely integrate your sales and marketing effort.



Five Tips To Fight The Summer Sales And Marketing Decline

Summer is usually the least revenue-generating season for a company. With the gorgeous weather, people would rather be outside than on their computers researching what they want to buy.

This makes summer a rough season for businesses. Instead of looking at your declining sales and wishing for the fall, why not look at summer as an opportunity to reevaluate and strengthen your company’s marketing strategy? Here are five tips to help you turn the summer into a productive period.

1. Adjust your attitude. Have a positive attitude when approaching your summer sales and marketing. Don’t compare your summer sales to your spring sales; compare this summer to last summer. Try to beat last summer’s sales. Use different tactics and set different goals to accomplish this. Work on improving your marketing plan. Summer is the perfect time to do this because in the autumn, you’ll have a new and improved Marketing Machine.



Pass The Baton, Not The Blame

Ever heard of sales and marketing not getting along? You’re not alone. Aligning marketing and sales has quickly become a top priority for companies around the world. What’s the perceived problem, in 50 words or less? I’m glad you asked: 

Sales is not happy with the quality of leads passed from marketing (“They’re nowhere near ready to buy!”), whereas marketing believes that sales squanders the opportunities that marketing so brilliantly brought to the surface (“You haven’t even called him? He downloaded our whitepaper and attended the webinar!”).