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Why Vs. What: Thought Leadership And Facts On Strategic Revenue Growth

What Makes This Blog Different Than So Many Other Digital Marketing Agency Blogs

When Eric Keiles and I started Square 2 Marketing almost 15 years ago, it was founded on a few simple pillars: Always give the right advice, even if it was difficult. Share the why behind what we were doing. Strategy before tactics and be remarkable.

Over the years these tenets have evolved, but today they’re still visible when you look at our core values of no fluff, remarkable or nothing, always teaching and always learning, practice what we preach and every client is a raving fan.

I’m sharing this to help you understand why you might not find as many technical marketing tips and techniques in this blog as you find in blogs from other digital marketing agencies. Our vision is to share more about why than what and to provide thought leadership to help you think differently. We want to teach you to fish for yourself, so ultimately, we won’t have to fish for you.



How Revenue Playbooks Drive Leads, New Customers And Revenue Growth

Both Marketing And Sales Teams Need Playbooks, Like Offense And Defense On A Football Team

I want you to think about a pro football team for just a few minutes. It won’t matter whether you’re a fan or not. On average, a team runs around 60 plays a game, which means the defense is also on the field to defend around 60 plays a game. Each team fields 11 players for each of those plays and during those plays each of the 11 players has a responsibility to execute a very specific task.

What does this have to do with revenue growth? The similarity is the complexity of the overall mission. In football, players are executing a series of plays in a coordinated manner with a diverse set of people, and the mission is to move the ball into the end zone. When you think about it, it sounds a lot like sales and marketing. You’re executing a series of sales and marketing tactics in a coordinated manner so that the prospect is moved through the funnel while leveraging a diverse set of sales and marketing team members until revenue is generated.



How Forensic Marketing Drives 10X Increases In Leads And New Customer Revenue

Inbound Marketing And Demand Generation Both Need A More Investigatory Approach

Most of the other highly technical professions like accounting, law and medicine have a forensic element to their practices for situations when people need to uncover the root causes impacting performance. Forensic accounting is used to reveal anomalies in accounting records or standard practices. Forensic medicine is used to uncover inconsistencies in patient response to treatment or medicines.

We apply a similar approach to marketing when were working with a client to drive new customer revenue. Our team uses forensic marketing to assess your current program and identify down to the most detailed and tactical level where the program is misaligned, misconfigured or incorrectly optimized. This methodology allows us to quickly identify the key issues, get them resolved and reconfigure the program for a fast turnaround and improved delivery of leads, sales opportunities and revenue.



I Finally Figured Out What's Wrong With Marketing (And Sales)

Why Are So Many People Frustrated With Revenue Generation? Why Is Marketing So Hard That People Are Angry?

Tasks that frustrate us make us angry. When you can’t generate enough leads to hit your revenue goals, you get frustrated and angry. When you can’t close enough of your leads to hit your revenue growth goals, you get frustrated and angry. It’s a natural human response to challenges.

But there’s something different about marketing that makes us extra frustrated, and I think I understand what might be contributing to our general frustration. Let’s see if we can agree on a few components of this lead and revenue generation challenge.



7 Ways Inbound Marketing Can Impact Top-Line Revenue Growth This Week

Closely Aligning Sales And Marketing Pays Off In The Short Term

The days of marketing doing its thing and sales doing what it wants is quickly coming to an end. The best companies are realizing the massive inefficiencies associated with separate sales and marketing efforts. They’re aligning behind a single revenue goal.

This usually takes vision and leadership from the top, but if your organization still operates with divided sales and marketing teams, you can be the one who brings them together. Once marketing makes the first move toward working more closely with sales, a lot of opportunities open up.



Why I’m Changing My Title From Chief Inbound Scientist To Chief Revenue Scientist

It’s No Longer Marketing Or Sales; It’s ALL About Revenue

One thing is for sure; the pace of change is accelerating. What worked last year isn’t what’s working this year. The tools we used last year are different this year. The configuration of our programs looks dramatically different this year compared to last year.

We’ve been working with our clients for years to help them convert the leads we generate into new customers and revenue for their businesses, but now it’s official: Our scientific approach to marketing is pushing into sales and focusing on scalable, repeatable and predictable REVENUE generation.