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Revenue Growth Has To Be Earned

Visits, Clicks, Downloads, Views And Conversions Are Easy; Revenue Is Hard

At Square 2 Marketing, we’ve been spending a lot of time talking about revenue. How do we help our clients generate it? How do we help our clients predict it? How do we help our clients drive sustained revenue growth?

With all that talk, it occurred to me that impacting revenue at almost every business is a highly complex and detail-oriented mission. There are many moving parts and a lot of factors involved in whether revenue is growing or not.

A lot of hard work must go into convincing people to do things differently, changing processes, changing tactics, adding technology and thinking differently. When this hard work and investment gets applied and executed correctly, revenue grows. But it doesnt happen without the hard work. Revenue has to be earned. No one is going to hand it to you.



Why Vs. What: Thought Leadership And Facts On Strategic Revenue Growth

What Makes This Blog Different Than So Many Other Digital Marketing Agency Blogs

When Eric Keiles and I started Square 2 Marketing almost 15 years ago, it was founded on a few simple pillars: Always give the right advice, even if it was difficult. Share the why behind what we were doing. Strategy before tactics and be remarkable.

Over the years these tenets have evolved, but today they’re still visible when you look at our core values of no fluff, remarkable or nothing, always teaching and always learning, practice what we preach and every client is a raving fan.

I’m sharing this to help you understand why you might not find as many technical marketing tips and techniques in this blog as you find in blogs from other digital marketing agencies. Our vision is to share more about why than what and to provide thought leadership to help you think differently. We want to teach you to fish for yourself, so ultimately, we won’t have to fish for you.



Revenue Below Expectations? How To Crack The Code To Revenue Growth

5 Must-Have Elements To Ensure You Exceed Your Revenue Generation Targets

Setting, hitting and then exceeding your revenue goals is more complicated than ever before. The key complicating factor is one you have little control over: your prospects. They’re not sitting in their offices waiting for you to call them anymore. They’re out and about, they’re on their smartphones, they’re actively running their own purchase cycle without you and they’re only bringing you in at the end of that journey.

This makes getting their attention, telling your story and actively engaging in their buyer journey with them a major challenge. This revenue generation strategy challenge requires new thinking, new processes, new tools and new expectations around the behavior of your marketing and sales team. But it’s not all bad news; there’s just as much good news.