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10 Little-Known Secrets To Cracking The Code On Revenue Generation

The Secret To Scalable, Predictable And Repeatable Revenue Generation

Who says, “We have enough new clients and we’re far over our revenue goals, so let’s take the rest of the week off”? Almost no one. Thats because most companies are working harder and not smarter to hit their revenue goals. Worse yet, most companies take a “we hope this works” approach to revenue, not a scientific approach.

If you want scalable, predictable and repeatable revenue generation, you need to throw out the old playbook and embrace the new playbook, one that focuses on the list of action items below and uses data to create a much more insightful approach to sales as well as top-line revenue generation strategy and growth.



Why You Want A Revenue Growth Agency, Not A Digital Marketing Agency

Fixing Your Marketing Won’t Help You Drive Revenue Growth If You Can’t Close The Leads Generated

About eight years ago, a client called us into his office to talk about our engagement. We weren’t worried because we took their 30 leads a month up to 300 leads a month in just couple of months. They were one of our favorite clients. But after the niceties, the CEO said, “We have to fire you; revenue just isn’t increasing.” What? Wait a minute. How is that possible? With 10x the leads, how can you not be increasing revenue?

After some more discussion and review, we all agreed that he’d let us look at what they were doing from a sales perspective. After all, 300 leads have to be going somewhere. This was our first sales enablement engagement and it was eye opening. After a week of analysis and a week of recommendations, it was clear where the real problems were, and it wasn’t with the leads or the marketing. It was with the sales team and everything related to sales.