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Inbound Marketing: Make Your Website Responsive Or Kiss Off 20% Of Prospects

Your inbound marketing effort is starting to pay off. You’ve pushed up your site visitors to 1,000 people per month, but your site – while accessible via devices – is not designed to be responsive.

Did you know that you are telling 200 people, who all proactively stopped by, to take a hike?

A recent review of our client base shows that, today, 20% of website visitors are looking at websites via their smartphones or tablets. This means that if your site isn’t responsive, these people are going to have a frustrating and less-than-remarkable experience with your website design.

The result is that they’re likely to bounce off and find another, similar site that's responsive. 

Every prospect is precious, so let's make sure that this scenario never happens to your business. Here’s how we’re going to prevent it.