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Customer Advocacy Is Definitely Part Of Inbound Marketing

Click-To-Close Sales And Marketing Requires Customer Advocacy To Drive Revenue

When you look at marketing, you can’t skip your customers' role in driving more business for your company. Especially today, when all of our businesses are much more transparent than ever before. If you want to get information on any company, a quick Google search produces reviews, ratings and other experiential information from real clients. Our businesses are 100% transparent.

This means you should embrace the concept of flawless delivery and start including your clients and customers in the marketing process or run the risk of having them torpedo your efforts with weak reviews or lower-than-expected ratings.



No One Ever Said Inbound Marketing Was Just For Prospects

Customer Inbound Marketing Can Be Even More Effective

Inbound marketing isn’t just about new prospects. When you bundle inbound marketing with Reality Marketing strategy, you quickly find that revenue generation is at the core of everything we do. Once you start looking at your business from a revenue perspective, customer marketing becomes critical.

Customers are almost always easier to market to than new prospects because they already know you, like you and trust you. The effort becomes more about communicating, creating value and creating an experience that makes them say, “Yes, we need that and let’s get started.”



Is Your Referral Marketing Strategy Using The Power Of The 80/20 Rule?

Square 2 Marketing – Leading The Reality Marketing And Inbound Marketing Revolution! - See more at:
Square 2 Marketing – Leading The Reality Marketing And Inbound Marketing Revolution! - See more at:

Which would you rather have?

A) A lead you secured from a cold call who may or may not want to hire you (and which you spent far too much time just trying to secure an appointment)


B) A highly qualified lead referred by a colleague who had previous success with your firm

Everyone wants more of the second kind of warm leads, right? The trick is in getting those business referrals and getting them regularly in order to grow your firm. Fortunately, inbound marketing helps you grow those referrals over time.

Here’s how to get more referrals for your business:



Inbound Marketing Gets Everyone In Your Firm To Ask For Referrals

Inbound marketing impacts more than just website design and blogging. The approach you take to getting more referrals for your professional services firm is also guided by an inbound marketing methodology.



If You Like Referrals, You Should “Like” Social Media

 How do you make a purchase decision? If you are like most people, you start by asking your friends, family, peers and colleagues, right? They are your trusted advisers. If you have a business, then you might ask your attorney, accountant, financial planner or real estate broker. But, in essence, you are asking for a referral. If you are looking for more information on the new buyer behavior, click here.