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How Inbound Marketing Helps Create The Ultimate Buyer Journey And Why You Should Care

Creating The Experience Is The First Step To Getting All The Inbound Marketing Leads You’ll Ever Need

I know you don’t really care about the buyer experience. Sure you pay lip service to it and you kind of understand why it’s important conceptually but I know it’s not what keeps you up at night. What keeps you up is the lack of leads for your sales team, right?

You don’t have enough to hit your revenue goals. You don’t know what to do about it. You know cold calling isn’t right nor is it working like it used to. In fact, most of your marketing just doesn’t produce like it used to but you don’t really know what else to do. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone, CEOs across the planet are struggling with the same challenges. If only you had more leads. Let’s not dismiss this idea of the buyer journey and the prospect experience so quickly. If I told you you’ll have all the leads you need and more if only you create a truly remarkable prospect experience—would I have your attention?  I hope so.



Inbound Marketing Lets You Relax At The Beach While Leads Get Nurtured

If you're planning on taking time to kick back, relax and dig your toes into the sand, but you're concerned about taking a vacation from staying in touch with your best prospects, now you don’t have to worry.

This is where automated lead-nurturing workflows come into play.

Today, there are tools and techniques available to automate almost all of your lead-nurturing email marketing campaigns so that your prospects get a steady stream of helpful, educational and highly creative content throughout their buying process. This ensures that your stories are always front and center, helping you outmaneuver your competitors and close more new customers or clients.



Inbound Marketing: It’s All About Your Prospect's Experience

One of the strengths of inbound marketing and inbound sales is the ability to arm yourself with the weapons you need to create a remarkable experience for your prospects. This starts from the very first time they visit your website to the time they sign with your company and all the way through their experience with your products and services.

In fact, much of the recent research has proven that the experience is actually everything. Give your prospects an experience that connects with them emotionally, and it’s your deal to lose.

Take a look at this video to see how The North Face delivers a remarkable experience. While this is a consumer example, The North Face gave these prospects the experience of a lifetime AND got them to have it while wearing their product.

Here’s how you can create a similar experience for your prospects.