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5 Secret Demand Generation Plays Missing From An Inbound Marketing Playbook

Demand Generation And Inbound Marketing Have Been Paired For Years; Now Theyre Both Getting Proper Exposure

If inbound marketing works well when people are in the awareness stage of their buyer journey and actively engaged in a purchase cycle, then demand generation is for those people who fit your best prospect persona but are not yet active in their own buyer journey.

In my opinion, demand generation is for people in what I’ve started calling pre-awareness. They need what you have, but their pain is not acute enough to activate a buying cycle. If you want to focus your precious marketing dollars on prospects in the awareness stage, inbound marketing might be enough. But if you want to capture all of your lead generation opportunities, then you’ll need to add demand generation to your bag of tricks.



How To Perfect Your Inbound Marketing Video Campaign In 4 Steps

George Lucas said it: “It’s hard work making movies.”

While most businesses utilizing the power of inbound marketing have embraced content marketing as a way to engage prospects and convert leads, many companies still shy away from using video marketing as part of their strategy. It’s understandable. Videos cost more to produce than blogs and whitepapers. Plus, incorporating video marketing into an inbound marketing content strategy is often nearly as tricky as making the videos themselves.

But businesses that hesitate to use video marketing are missing out on a way to attract prospects who prefer watching videos to reading text. If you’re looking to use video marketing in your inbound marketing content strategy, here are four steps you should take to drive results and boost conversions.