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5 Reasons Why Your B2B Marketing Needs To Use SlideShare

Marketing your B2B company has shifted dramatically in the past decade. Not only does B2B marketing require that you create a social media strategy, but it also requires a hefty amount of content marketing.

When it comes to social media, some platforms aren’t as compatible with B2B business models. For example, Pinterest and Instagram usually work better for the B2C market, leaving the typical B2B company with LinkedIn and Twitter as the two main performers – and those platforms are already crowded with competitors in the B2B market.

What about your content marketing strategy? Already, more and more companies are recognizing the power of inbound marketing with content, and the B2B marketing space is growing cluttered with run-of-the-mill, fluff-filled whitepapers, e-books and tip sheets. If the only things you’re publishing are these standard content marketing pieces, your business is invisible.

So, what’s one new tactic you should add to your B2B marketing strategy mix that differentiates you in both social media and content marketing? It’s SlideShare.