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Prediction #6 — Mobile Marketing For Inbound Marketing Goes Mainstream

Use This Wisely And Add Value For Your Prospects Instead Of Bothering Them

Everyone is on their devices and marketers have taken notice, but what does this mean? Yes, websites and emails should look great on devices, but what other opportunities does the flight to mobile present to progressive inbound marketers?

As usual, I did some poking around to see what other people are writing about mobile and inbound marketing. This article is not going to be about the obvious need for mobile website design, for emails to look nice on mobile and for you to use visual content in your content marketing efforts.



Inbound Marketing Prediction #10: Mobile Improves Email Marketing Results

As Mobile Usage Increases, So Will Inbound Marketing Results From Email

Email marketing has always been the marketing tactic that consistently produces similar results week over week and month over month. Open rates and click-through rates vary, but only modestly.

While we agree that email marketing is critical to any inbound marketing engagement, driving results up dramatically has always been challenging. Yet, the advent of mobile devices and the constant connectivity that these new devices provide has had a dramatic impact on open and click-through rates. This article highlights some of the impact that mobile has had on email marketing and the future of email marketing as an inbound tactic.



How Inbound Marketing Shows Mobile Conversion Goals To Be Dead Wrong

Inbound marketing takes a prospect-centric approach – so much so that the first step is getting in a position to be found when someone searches for terms related to your business, products or services.

"Getting found" means something different than it did even a few years ago. Today, it might be from a mobile device. While the data is all over the place, experts think that as many as 30% of searches are done via mobile. Here’s a Search Engine Land article with comScore research on mobile search versus desktop search.

This means that we need to think differently about our visitors. Those using a desktop need one kind of experience, and those using a mobile device need an entirely different one. This difference must influence your mobile website design strategy.



Hold The Phone: 5 Ways To Get More From Mobile Apps

I’m on my phone. You’re on your phone. The guy next to you is probably on his phone, too. You might be reading this on your phone right now.

Since your smartphone is the new limb attached to your body, it’s time to consider the importance of mobile sites and apps to conversions.