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Prediction #6 — Mobile Marketing For Inbound Marketing Goes Mainstream

Use This Wisely And Add Value For Your Prospects Instead Of Bothering Them

Everyone is on their devices and marketers have taken notice, but what does this mean? Yes, websites and emails should look great on devices, but what other opportunities does the flight to mobile present to progressive inbound marketers?

As usual, I did some poking around to see what other people are writing about mobile and inbound marketing. This article is not going to be about the obvious need for mobile website design, for emails to look nice on mobile and for you to use visual content in your content marketing efforts.



The App Needs To Be Considered An Inbound Marketing Tactic

Inbound Marketing Is Changing, And So Are The Tactics

As marketers, we should be working with prospects the way our prospects want to be working with us. Today, companies are using digital marketing and apps as much as they’re using their websites. In some cases, the lines are so blurred that you can’t even tell them apart.

For instance: Want to do banking? Click on the app, not the website. Want to buy something? You can use either the app or the website. Need to manage your account? Log into the app, as there is no website.

An app is a marketing tactic that keeps prospects engaged, keeps them coming back, delivers real value and solves real pain. And, with 50% of users gaining access to brands via their devices, let’s face it: Apps work better than even a responsive website.



Hold The Phone: 5 Ways To Get More From Mobile Apps

I’m on my phone. You’re on your phone. The guy next to you is probably on his phone, too. You might be reading this on your phone right now.

Since your smartphone is the new limb attached to your body, it’s time to consider the importance of mobile sites and apps to conversions.